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Egg-straw delicious


Strawberry insert

Strawberry high fruit compote 250 g

Lime 1 

Mint 1 

Sugar 35 g

Pectin 8 g 

Sweet dough

Butter 150 g

Icing sugar 90 g

Almond powder 40 g 

Eggs 50 g 

Salt 5 g

Flour 250 g


Almond powder 150 g

Icing sugar 150 g

Egg 150 g

Flour 40 g

Butter 30 g

Egg whites 135 g

Caster sugar 40 g

Lime 1 


Lace crepes 120 g

White chocolate 120 g

Praline 100 g

Cashew nuts 20 g

Sponge cake

Flour 50 g

Sugar 90 g

Egg 50 g

Butter 50 g

Yeast 6 g

Milk 30 g

Green natural colouring 1 g

Italian meringue

Sugar 150 g 

Water 75 g

Egg whites 75 g

Strawberry mousse

Gelatine 10 g

Strawberry puree French origin 250 g

Cream 35% fat 250 g

Italian meringue 170 g


Red flocking

Neutral glaze

Strawberry French origin

The new frozen puree 100% strawberry from France origin is an Andros orchards special edition. Its blend of 3 varieties with Charlotte, Rubis and Malwina giving a unique organoleptic quality.

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Preparation steps

  1. Fruit insert

    In a sauce pan, heat the high fruit compote at 40°C with mint, lime juice and zests. Bring to a boil and add in rain the sugar/pectin mix. Pour in mould and place in a freezer.

  2. Sweet dough

    Cream the butter with icing sugar with the paddle attachment. Add the almond powder, salt and egg. Add the flour. Cover with cling film in contact Ajouter la poudre d’amandes, le sel puis l’œuf. Finir par ajouter la farine. Filmer au contact et réserver au froid. Abaisser, piquer, détailler à l’emporte pièce rond. Mettre sur plaque avec un silpat et réserver au froid. Cuire à 170°C 15 min.

  3. Joconde biscuit

    In a large mixing bowl, using the paddle attachment, whisk together the ground almonds and powdered sugar until well combined. Beat in the whole eggs with lime zests until a smooth texture is obtained. Add the flour with a spatula and the butter. Whisk the egg whites with sugar until stiff peaks form then add it to the first mix. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the batter into a thin layer (1cm thickness). Bake at 210°C for 5 to 8 minutes, let cool down on a rack.

  4. Crispy

    Melt the chocolate, add the praline, and add the lace crepes with roasted and ground cashew nuts. Spread on the biscuit. Freeze. Cut out disks.

  5. Sponge cake

    In the mixing bowl, using the whip attachment, combine all ingredients and whik until a foam mixture is obtained (about x3 its volume). Place in a large bowl filling only 1/3 of its capacity. Cover with cling film and pierce some holes. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute. Unmould and allow to cool down before crumbling.

  6. Italian meringue

    In a sauce pan, cook a syrup with water. At 115°C, whip the egg whites with the whip. At 118°C, add in a drizzle on the whipping eggs. Whip the meringue until entirely cold.

  7. Strawberry mousse

    Soak the gelatine. Whip the cream until a foam is obtain. Heat the puree and add the soaked gelatine. In a mixing bowl, whip the puree with meringue then add the whipped cream using a spatula.

  8. Assembly

    In the egg moulds, pipe strawberry mousse. Add the freeze insert and cover with mousse. Place on the top a crunchy biscuit. Freeze. Unmold and spray with red flocking, place the eggs on a disc of sweet dough. Decorate with crumbled sponge cake and with some drops of glaze.

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