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Dervich entremets with strawberry and coconut

A creation of Joaquin Soriano

He is Head chef of the CJSJ pastry shop in Taïwan who has worked for many years in Michelin restaurants. He has experiences in Le Meurice, Alléno Yannick, and Alain Ducasse in Paris, Grand Hôtel - Park 45 in Cannes, and Relais Dessert Pastry Shop "Luc Guillet".


Coconut mousse

Coconut puree 90% 157g
Gelatin powder 200 Bloom 15,7g
Coconut puree 90% 291g
Coconut oil 52,3g
Fresh eggs white 93,7g
Caster sugar 52,3g
Coconut cream 368,6g

Coconut chantilly

Coconut puree 90% 281g
Granulated sugar 35g
Gelatin powder 200 Bloom 10g
Coconut cream 636,8g
Coconut oil 53,1g

Strawberry jelly

Puree strawberry 90% 535,8g
Citric acid 10,2g
Glucose syrup DE40 158,4g
Granulated sugar 147,9g
Trehalose 147,9g
NH pectin 10,8g
Agar agar 8,6g

Strawberry compote jelly

Water 337g
Strawberry compote 292g
Citric acid 12,7g
Granulated sugar 257,2g
Gelatin powder 200Bloom 22,1g
Hydration water 110g

Forconne biscuit

Oil 140g

Flour T65 10,5% protein 150g

Condensed milk 90g

Fresh eggs yolk 166g

Fresh whole eggs 150g

Fresh eggs white 270g

Granulated sugar 104g

Salt 3g

Vanilla pod 1 piece

Sweet dough

Icing sugar 179,2g
PDO butter 82%fat 282,5g
White almond powder 57,7g
Salt 5,5g
Fresh whole eggs 103,3g
Flour T65 10,5% protein 534,6g

Crunch orange

Sweet dough 780g
Cocoa butter 116g
White chocolate 32% 116g
Orange zest 10g

Dervich entremets strawberry puree

Sweetened strawberry puree

The Andros Chef frozen strawberry puree is a blend of 3 varieties with Senga sengana. Its flavour is intense and gives an excellent balance taste to our blend. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Coconut mousse

    Mix and let it soak the gelatin powder with the small quantity of coconut puree for 20 minutes, then heat it with the big quantity of coconut puree and the coconut oil. Add the coconut gelatin and stir until it’s totally melted. Emulsify with a hand blender. Meanwhile, prepare a French meringue. When the meringue is down, incorporate carefully the coconut gel, then use it.

  2. Coconut chantilly

    Mix and let it soak the gelatin powder with the coconut puree for 20 minutes, then heat it with the sugar and the coconut oil. Add the gelatin and stir until it is totally melted. Pour in the cold coconut cream and emulsify with a hand blender. Pour into a plastic box and let it set overnight in the chiller at +4°C.

  3. Strawberry jelly

    Heat the puree with the glucose syrup. Stir all the dry extracts together, then pour them into the puree. Bring the mass to a boil and pour into a plastic box. Let it set in a chiller at +4°C.

  4. Strawberry compote jelly

    Heat the water with the citric acid and the sugar, then add the previously soaked gelatin mass. Stir, and let it melt. Add the strawberry compote, stir, and use it.

  5. Forconne biscuit

    Heat the oil up to 80°C. Pour sifted flour and mix. Add the eggs, the yolks, salt, and vanilla in sequence, creating a pâte à choux. End the dough with the condensed milk. Whip the egg whites with the sugar and lemon juice. Combine the two mixtures. Spread onto silicon baking mats and bake in the oven with the trigger ON, at 160°C for 20/25 minutes, then cool down in a blast chiller at +4°C.

  6. Sweet dough

    Achieve a soft butter. Mix with the sifted icing sugar, almond powder, and salt. Clean the edges of the bowl and add the eggs. Mix slowly. Clean the edges of the bowl and add the flour T55. Mix slowly. Pour into the frame, rest for 24h. Details: 2.5mm, cutter 100mm diameter. Deck oven: Bake at 160°C (UP) + 160°C (down) for around 18 min. Convection oven: Bake at 160°C for around 14-16 min.

  7. Crunch orange

    After baking and cooling down, crush the sweet dough. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate with the cocoa butter, then stir all the ingredients together and use it.

  8. Assembly

    When ready, the dessert is carefully removed from the mold and sprayed with a neutral glaze. A strawberry compote jelly is placed on top, and finally, the coconut whipped cream is piped using a piping bag with jagged piping tips. For an elegant finishing touch, chocolate decor is used to decorate the dessert.

Processus :

1st – Strawberry compote jelly.
2nd – Prepare a coconut whipped cream. This cream requires some time to stabilize and set, so it is best to start making it while waiting for the jelly to set.
3rd – Prepare the sweet pastry. This pastry is then baked in a fan oven that has been preheated to 160°C for about 20 minutes.
4th – Once the jelly is done, it is stored in a plastic container in the fridge at 4°C for a minimum of four hours.
5th – Once the sweet pastry has baked and cooled, it is crushed and sifted to achieve a consistent granule size.
This granule mixture is then combined with melted chocolate couverture, creating what is known as the orange crunch. The orange crunch is then stored in the freezer at a cold temperature of -40°C.
6th – Bake the Forconne biscuit. Once fully baked and cooled, the strawberry compote jelly and the frozen jelly from earlier are spread over it. It’s important to note that the frozen jelly must be kept at -40°C to maintain its consistency.
7th – Prepare the coconut mousse is prepared. The biscuit with the frozen jelly insert and the orange crunch are added to the mold. The entire mixture is then stored at -40°C.

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