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Strawberry tart Flavored with orange blossom and sesame seeds


A creation of Nicolas Paciello

He is the pastry chef and founder of CinqSens Paris pastry shop. Nicolas has garnered significant recognition with prior experience at esteemed Parisian establishments such as Crillon and Prince of Wales, he also has led the pastry team at Le Fouquet's Hotel in Paris.


Sweet pastry dough

Flour 215 g
Butter 130 g
Icing sugar 80 g
Almond powder 25 g
Egg (at room temperature) 1
Pinch of salt 1

Almond cream

Almond powder 85 g
Butter 65 g
Icing sugar 55 g
Brown sugar 30 g
Cornstarch 5 g
Egg (at room temperature) 1
Dark rum Sq

Strawberry compote

Strawberry puree – French origin 300 g
Sugar 15 g
Pectin 7 g
Strawberries Sq

Orange blossom whipped cream

Cream (35% fat) 400 g
Gelatin sheets 2
Orange blossom Sq


White sesame seeds 100 g
Fresh strawberries 2
Glaze or grapeseed oil Sq

Strawberry French origin

The new frozen puree 100% strawberry from France origin is an Andros orchards special edition. Its blend of 3 varieties with Charlotte, Rubis and Malwina giving a unique organoleptic quality.

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Preparation steps

  1. Sweet pastry dough

    Rub the flour with the diced butter until sandy texture is obtained. Add almond powder, salt, and icing sugar. Incorporate the egg and mix coarsely. Homogenize the dough and chill for 2 hours. Cut with a cookie cutter.

  2. Almond cream

    Prepare the almond cream by vigorously beating the softened butter, almond powder, cornstarch, sugar, and whole egg. Add the rum, then pipe halfway into your lined sweet pastry circles. Bake at 160°C for 16 minutes.

  3. Strawberry compote

    Mix the sugar and pectin. Heat the strawberry puree to 40°C, then gradually pour the sugar/pectin mixture in rain. Bring to a boil. Pour over the cooled almond cream. Pour the compote rest into 6 cm diameter silicone half-spheres, incorporating diced strawberries inside, and freeze.

  4. Orange blossom whipped cream

    Gradually pour the orange blossom water into the cream, whisking continuously, along with the squeezed gelatin. Pipe onto the strawberry compote, and insert a frozen half-sphere on top.

  5. Assembly

    Cut the strawberries into quarters and arrange them on top of the compote insert. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and glaze with grapeseed oil.

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