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Lychee chou Valentine's day


12 persons

Pastry chou

125 g Milk

125 g Water

87 g Butter

5 g Sugar

5 g Salt

125 g Flour

170 g Eggs


80 g Brown sugar

60 g Butter

80 g Flour

Creamy lychee cream

200 g Lychee puree

140 g Butter

100 g Sugar

240 g Egg

2 g Rose extract

16 g Potato starch

Lychee jelly

250 g Lychee puree

40 g Sugar

8 g Pectin

White chocolate ganache

500 g Liquid cream 35% fat

150 g White chocolate

8 g Gelatine

48 g Water


120 g Pited lychees 

Sq Edible flowers 

Sweetened lychee puree

Lychee puree is getting trendy these days. Indeed, it suits many purposes, among which sorbet, gelified inserts or coktails; and it pairs well with many other flavours. Our puree can be described as a cloudy juice of white pink colour; with delicate floral flavour, naturally sweet and with no acidity. Made of a 100% single Lychee Chinensis variety from Madagascar, fresh lychees are received at full maturity and processed in the small plant in Madagascar (which we support financially). Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Choux pastry

    Bring to a boil milk, butter, salt, water and sugar. Off the heat, add the sifted flour, stir over high heat. Transfer in a mixer bowl, with a flat beater, gradually add the eggs. Pipe on a greased baking tray and place a craquelin disk above. Bake at 170°C for 35 minutes.

  2. Craquelin

    With a flat beater, mix the ingredients until a dough is obtained. Spread at 2mm thickness between two parchment papers. Put it in a freezer. Cut out disks.

  3. White chocolate ganache

    Soak the gelatine for 10 minutes. Heat the first weight of cream in a sauce pan. Add the soaked gelatine, mix and pour on the chocolate. Mix with the hand blender and pour the remaining cream still cold and mix. Wrap in a cling film and keep aside.

  4. Lychee jelly

    Heat the lychee puree at 45°C. Add in rain the sugar and pectin mix. Bring to a boil still stirring. Mix and pour in half spheres. Freeze to the core.

  5. Creamy lychee cream

    In a sauce pan, heat the lychee puree with half of the butter. Whisk the eggs with sugar until a creamy colour is obtained. Add the corn starch, mix and add the remaining eggs. Pour the warm puree on the mix. Whisk until a thickened cream is obtained. Off the heat, add the remaining butter, rose extract and mix with a hand blender. Wrap with cling film and keep in the refrigerator.

  6. Assembly

    Cut the lychees in brunoise. Remove the top of the choux and place the brunoise. Fill with creamy lychee and pipe a corolla of white chocolate ganache. Place a half sphere of lychee in the middle. Decorate with flower's petals.

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