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Masterclass Luca Cinalli – Coya Barcelona

Relive the magic of this masterclass with the talented Luca Cinalli at Coya Barcelona, bringing together the best mixologists and bartenders of the moment with recipes for cocktails using Andros Chef fruit puree.

Fruit sourcing Andros

Web-serie Andros Fruit Sourcing

To understand what is inclued in this unique Fruit Sourcing, explore the backstage of “Amont Fruitier”.  Discover, through several exclusive episodes, all the work provided by our fruit sourcing team. 

Fruits of Talent 2023 Competion: picking tomorrow’s pastry talents today!

Gathered amidst Andros experimental orchard, the eight finalists of the Andros Chef Fruits of Talent Competition highlighted the importance of fruits and ingredients, all centered around an inspiring theme: “Fresh from the Garden: Fruits, Flowers, and Aromatic Plants.” It was a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of plants and the bountiful harvest they offer.

Jury members of “Fruits de Talent” competition

Every year, we have the privilege of welcoming a panel of esteemed professional chefs who generously offer their time and expertise to Andros Chef’s competition. Discover the members over the years!