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Curious by Nature

Just like professional Chefs worldwide, we are curious about all the flavors Nature has to offer. We also share a continuous voyage of wonder, discovery, and inspiration.


Knowledge and understanding of fruit cultivation are skills that we celebrate and share. We are making long-term investments to secure quality supplies at the grassroots level – investing in local skills, crops, and processing techniques that preserve the natural goodness of fruit. We work hand in hand with our growers, valuing their input and intuition, always nurturing our connection with the land.

The closer to source, the better. We are engaged in a unique program to set up our processing facilities in the heart of fruit-producing areas, and work with fresh fruit instead of frozen produce; in this way, we constantly increase our expertise and support innovation.


Natural products have always been the essence of Andros. We accept only the best produce and champion the simplicity of our recipes, which have been developed with great dedication and expertise over four generations by our independent family business in the Dordogne valley.

The needs and desires of chefs drive us to achieve greater heights. We aim to provide the broadest possible range of 100% natural fruit products with no added flavoring – for professionals who are like us, Curious by Nature.

Andros sourcing

Our fruit sourcing team is not only unique in the industrial fruit-processing world but
also our most valuable asset. It has allowed us to become the industry benchmark in
the production of natural ingredients for food professionals intrigued by fruit.


This team works tirelessly behind the scenes to secure access to the best fruits and the
best varieties long-term.

Arbre fruitier


Identification of the best combinations of soil, climate, varieties, agricultural practices and know-how.

Exploitation agricole


Establishment of long-term contracts with growers and acquisition of primary processing plants. Investment in farms (land and machines). 750 hectares of orchards devoted to the cultivation of 12 different varieties of fruit in France to guarantee delivery of 20 000 tons of fresh fruit.



Finding the most qualitative way to wash, peel, cut and preserve the natural qualities of ripe fruit. 10 primary processing plants worldwide.

Mode de culture


Guaranteeing the traceability of healthy fruit grown to the required health & environmental standards


Trying out new varieties and growing methods. Creation of a research orchard in the Lot region in France.

Exploitation Fruitière

Our sustainability plan

Andros takes pride in providing quality products that are an integral part of our sustainable approach. It starts with a thorough sourcing process that helps to identify the best possible combination of ground, climate, variety as well as human considerations.


The Andros Group’s commitments to protect the environment are of prime importance since farmers are facing an increasing number of problematic climate hazards. Andros is thus closely connected to the fruit producers around the world, attentive to each and every change. This sometimes involves helping farmers in a given country to introduce a new crop, or helping them approach their activity in a new way.


It is this responsiveness and this adaptability that help to be as resilient as possible. Andros’s sustainability values reach beyond agriculture. Everything involving the fruit itself must also make sense and be in line with Andros’s values.


Each of our partner suppliers undertakes in particular to apply an ethical charter involving the respect for each person working on site.

Partners for excellence

Andros is a very proud supporter of some of the most prestigious culinary competitions in France.
These competitions, organized by Chefs for Chefs, make substantial contributions towards the perfecting of techniques and know-how, as well as assuring their dissemination, through the will and the new vocations that they incite.

These events, along with some of the smaller initiatives that Andros supports, are essential to the preservation and the enrichment of the professions that they represent and carry with them important values that our company shares.

Partenaires Andros Chef
Fruits de saison

Our story


Since 1910, generation after generation keep up maintaining the excellence in fruit.

Andros is and remains a family business with human value.



Over the years, brands Bonne Maman and Andros developed their own reputation for quality, both within France and internationally.



Andros’ story is set in the verdant Lot fruit region in south-western France, where the iconic Cère and Dordogne rivers converge. The company contributes to the local economy.

Famille Andros Chef