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The finalists have been announced to compete in the final of the Fruits de Talent competition.

A strong concept concerning fruits

A pastry competition whose emphasis is on today’s excellency and tomorrow’s talents right in the middle of the Andros orchards to enhance the fruit, from its harvest to its use in pastry, and of course its great taste.

A supervised competition by gastronomy professionals, around fruits passion, the desire to share their expertise and to push themselves.

The same rules of naturalness so cherished by Andros, are applied in this competition: recipes without any colourant, artificial/ natural flavouring, or glitter…

Dedicated to pastry students and apprentices

The “Fruit de talent” Pastry Competition is for students and apprentices of the Mention Complémentaire Pâtissier, Mention complémentaire Dessert de restaurant, BTM Pâtissier, BM pâtissier, Bachelor des métiers de bouche.

Candidates must be at least 30 years old, the day of the final.

How to take part in the next event

The competition rules as well as the theme and date of the next event will be announced as from September.

So as to allow a fair training among the French schools, thanks to Andros Chef, free samples from the Andros Chef products range can be ordered free by the candidates, so that they can set up of their file until the submission deadline for selection.

The submitted recipes being compliant with the rules, a professional jury assesses the selected files to choose the eight finalists of the competition.

The competition process

On the day of the final, on their own, the finalists have to prepare the recipes they have presented in their selected file. They will be accompanied by their coach (teacher, apprenticeship supervisor, …) who will support them and join in the final touches of the plates and the buffet presentation.

Prestigious judges made up of renowned gastronomy figures (MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), Michelin-starred chefs, will be there to assess the technical work and the recipes that are prepared. They will assess the taste, creativity, knowledge as well as the naturalness of the recipes that Andros applies to itself in its own fruits ingredients recipes.


A well-organised schedule from the beginning of term till the final in May.


Theme announcement


Submission of files for selection


Selection by a jury of professionals


Announcement of the finalists



Experience the key moments of the previous editions

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2022 Edition – Citrus fruits
2021 Edition – Saint-Honoré with fruit and peach Melba

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