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Fruit Talents Competition: 1st edition

Retrospect and pictures of the competition

Saint-Honoré with fruit and peach Melba

On 8 May, the final of the Fruits de Talent competition took place. Congratulations to all the participants and the winners!

The theme this year was: “From tradition to modernity”. The candidates made a boutique dessert (Saint-Honoré with fruit) and a plated dessert (peach Melba).

The recipes follow the same rules regarding naturalness that Andros holds dear and which constitute the basis for the development of its own fruit ingredients.

An exceptional jury 

Our jury was made up of exceptional figures from the gastronomic world:

President of the jury: Olivier Bajard, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the patisserie category and World Champion in the dessert profession.

Sponsor of the competition : Loic Béziat, of Béziat Frères in Cahors and World Champion of the Sweet Arts.

Competition director: Dominique Campergue, teacher of cuisine at the Ecole des Métiers du Lot vocational school.

Technical jury:

  • Laurent Le Daniel, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the patisserie category
  • Stéphane Augé, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the ice cream category
  • François Frauziol, Andros R&D Pastry Chef
  • Raphaël Dussuelle, trainer in pastry arts at the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Lot vocational school
From left to right: François Frauziol, Olivier Bajard, Loïc Béziat, Stéphane Augé, Laurent Le Daniel, Raphaël Dussuelle.

Tasting panel: 

  • Julien Dugourd, Pastry Chef of La Chèvre d’Or **
  • Johanna Le Pape, World Champion of the Sweet Arts, well-being and responsible pastry chef
  • Tom Coll, Pastry Chef at Pré Catelan ***
  • Pierre Chirac, Executive Pastry Chef of Stéphanie Le Quellec’s establishments, including the restaurant La Scène **
  • Justine Taurrisson, Andros R&D Engineer
  • Joël Defives, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the baking category
  • Serge Vieira, Bocuse d’Or and Chef of the Serge Vieira restaurant
  • Didier Smeets, Chocolatier-pastry chef of Berneau – Belgium
  • Gérard Cabiron, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the frozen desserts category
  • Pascal Bardet, Chef of the restaurant Le Gindreau *
  • Didier Selin, Baker-pastry chef – Selin artisanal bakery
  • Sébastien Soulié, Raspberry producer – Altillac
From left to right: Didier Selin, Didier Smeets, Julien Dugourd, Johanna Le Pape, Tom Coll, Pierre Chirac, Serge Vieira, Sébastien Soulié, Joël Defives, Gérard Cabiron, Justine Taurrisson, Pascal Bardet.

And the winners are….

1st prize, Best Plated Dessert and “Mention Complémentaire” prize: Solveig Hoyaux from the SEPR vocational training centre in Lyon in the “Mention Complémentaire Pâtisserie” pastry course. Coach: Sandy Violand.

2nd prize and “Jury’s Favourite” prize: Matthieu Jeangerard from the CFA (vocational school) in Cahors in his first year of a Pastry “BTM” (vocational course) programme. Coach: Amaury Lafonta.

3rd prize: Alixe Fouillade from the Ferrandi culinary school in Bordeaux in her second year of a Bachelor’s course. Coach: Marie Mombertrand.

Award for the best dessert: Emma Buhart from the CFA in Eschau, Pastry “BTM” programme. Coach: David Hilgert.

Congratulations to the other finalists and their coaches:

  • Méline Ardouin, CFA in Bar le Duc. Coach: Matthieu Schuller
  • Bérénice Vanvincq, Université des Métiers in Avignon. Coach: Cyril Verniat.
  • Mathieu Weiland, CFA in Eschau. Coach: David Hilgert.

Pictures from the competition

Photo credit @marcallenbach_photographe

“Nellie Melba” by Solveig Hoyaux, Best Plated Dessert

Solveig Hoyaux’s interpretation of the peach Melba contains a vanilla diplomate, a yellow peach cream and peach pieces, raspberry chips, a mirliton biscuit, raspberry sorbet, peach slices, an isomalt dome and raspberry coulis.

“Au détour d’un chemin” by Emma Buhart, Best Dessert

In Emma Buhart’s interpretation of the fruity Saint-Honoré, vanilla and caramel have been substituted for tangy flavours, such as Morello cherry, lime and a touch of Marc de Gewürztraminer brandy (local, seasonal ingredients).

Matthieu Jeangerard, 2nd prize and “Jury’s Favourite” prize with his “Fragrance Melba”.

Matthieu Jeangerard’s interpretation of the peach Melba is built around 5 crispy crêpe tubes each filled with a peach biscuit, a vanilla crème fraiche, finely diced flat peach, peach sorbet infused with peach-flavoured black tea and topped with thinly sliced almonds and peach chips. The whole thing is served with a white peach and raspberry sauce.

Alixe Fouillade won 3rd prize with her yuzu, strawberry and Thai basil Saint Honoré

Alixe Fouillade’s fruity Saint-Honoré contains choux pastry wrapped in puff pastry, yuzu cream, strawberry and Thai basil compote, finely diced fresh strawberries, Thai basil Chantilly cream, strawberry and Thai basil gel, caramelised choux pastry balls topped with a strawberry and basil jelly and filled with yuzu cream.

Many thanks to Hubert Cloix, Bragard Paris, Locacuisines, and Marc Allenbach for the photos, Jean Marc Cortade for the videos, and Antonin Martineau “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in woodcarving who made the magnificent trophy.

Enjoy this video capturing the smiles, spirit and creativity of our truly talented finalists.

Andros Chef’s Competition 2021 – Video credits: Jean Marc Cortade

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