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Fruits of Talent 2023 Competion: picking tomorrow’s pastry talents today!

Gathered amidst Andros experimental orchard, the eight finalists of the Andros Chef Fruits of Talent Competition highlighted the importance of fruits and ingredients, all centered around an inspiring theme: "Fresh from the Garden: Fruits, Flowers, and Aromatic Plants." It was a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of plants and the bountiful harvest they offer.

On the eve of the competition’s finale, the eight candidates* familiarized themselves with Biars-sur-Cère. The agenda for the day included a visit to the Andros fruit processing workshops and setting up their workspace under the specially installed dome in our orchard for the occasion.

Twenty-four hours prior to the start of the competition, each candidate meticulously prepared their sorbet mixes, carefully weighing the ingredients and crafting exquisite pastillages (decorations) for their creations. Under the watchful gaze of Dominique Campergue, an instructor at the Ecole des Métiers of the Lot, everything proceeded smoothly, although the tension was palpable on their faces.

Laurent Le Daniel, President of the Fruits de Talent 2023 Competion

The following morning marked the commencement of the competition, accompanied by words of encouragement from the competition’s President, Laurent Le Daniel, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and President of the Confédération nationale des Artisans Pâtissiers Chocolatiers Confiseurs Glaciers Traiteurs de France.

In line with the competition’s theme, “Fresh from the Garden,” Damien Chapoulart, Director of Amont Fruitier Andros, provided an orchard tour, shedding light on the meticulous efforts of an entire team dedicated to sourcing the finest fruits and varieties through sustainable and respectful farming practices.

The performance that makes a difference 

One by one, the participants had six hours to create eight plated desserts, twenty confectionery items, twelve portable desserts and three entremets. With favorable weather conditions, occasional rays of sunshine heightened the temperature under the dome. Every moment was precious due to the time constraints dictated by the rules and the necessity of completing the final buffet setup within the allotted time.

Few minutes before the TOP

As the aromas of Andros Chef fruit purees and compotes mingled with the fragrances of verbena, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, tarragon and even porcini mushrooms (!), the technical jury** walked around through the aisles, closely looking at the various achievements. ‘’A competition dessert, is above all a feast for the eyes, then we look for the niceties of the décor, before engaging in the taste’’ says Christian Vabret.

“Taste and precision,” emphasized Gaëtan Fiard, “along with that personal touch that elevates the dessert.” Emmanuel Lecanu added, “Precision and organization are crucial. Often overlooked, the final product is the culmination of the meticulous work done beforehand.” Florence Lesage shared her insight, stating, “That’s where true professionalism shines through.”

An eclectic and international jury 

The jury comprised a remarkable array of professionals representing various culinary disciplines. Pastry chefs, bakers, and ice-cream makers from renowned restaurants and establishments across France and England united in their goal of spotlighting the next generation of talent.

Then, it was up to the patron of the competition, Alexandra Garaffi, and the fourteen members of the tasting jury*** to come forward for the rating of the desserts, based on four standards: visual, taste, uniqueness and keeping up with the topic. 

After a lengthy deliberation, as rain started to fall, everyone gathered beneath the central dome for the highly anticipated award ceremony.

“Fruits de Talent” jury 2023

The winners of the Fruits de Talent 2023 Competition

1st place : 

Yanis Ols, from the CFA school “les 13 vents” of Tulle, the only male contestant among the 2023 finalists, emerged victorious as the first prize winner of the 2023 Fruits of Talent Competition!

First price awarded by Laurent Le Daniel, MOF pâtissier and President of the jury, et Florian Delmas, Chairman of Andros Group.

He wins an internship at the National Superior School of Pastry in Yssingeaux, a professional book, and a Finesse® knife. He brings a Masterclass and €1000 worth of professional fruit ingredients from Andros Chef to his school.

As an official partner of the Rugby World Cup 2023, Andros has offered to Yanis and his coach tickets to the opening match of the competition between France and New Zealand, which will take place at the Stade de France on Saturday, September 8, 2023.

The President of the National Association of Pastry Trainers, Jean-Charles Balthazard, presented Quentin Proumen, Yanis Ols’ coach, with the ANFP trophy.

2nd place : 

Judith Fauvet-Messat from “Compagnons du devoir” Strasbourg, accompanied by her teacher Damien Kurtzemann.  claimed the second-place spot.

Price awarded by Alexandra Garaffi, sponsor of the competition and Thibault Brugère, Professional ingredients director.

She also won an internship at ENSP (offered by ENSP), a professional book, and a finesse® knife, and received 500€ of professional fruit ingredients from Andros Chef to her school.

3rd place :

Maud Laurencin, from BTM CIFA Lameloise Mercurey secured the third-place position, accompanied by her teacher Denowan Gelot.

Price awarded by Matthieu Carlin, executive pastry chef at l’hôtel Crillon, and Pascal Shneider-Maunoury, director of Andros offer.

She won a finesse® knife, pastry books and €400 professional fruit ingredients from Andros Chef for her school.

Three special prizes were also awarded:

  • Maud Laurencin from BTM CIFA Lameloise Mercurey was bestowed with the special prize for “Best Entremets” for her dessert “En toute simplicité,” featuring faisselle mousse, fig compote, Breton shortbread, madeleine, and white chocolate.

Price awarded by Julien Boutonnet, MOF pâtissier and teacher at EHL and Virginie Malekzadeh, Food Service Andros director.

  • Kassie Pattyn from the MCDR school – Lycée de Reims earned the special prize for “Mention Complémentaire” due to her technical prowess and remarkable efforts during the competition.

Price awarded by Christophe Gasper, pastry chef at Sketch*** Restaurant – Pierre Gagnaire in Londres, and David Alves MOF glacier 2023.

  • Victoria Guth from BTM CFA Eschau (67) received the prestigious “Coup de Cœur Andros Chef” 2023 prize, captivating the jury with her exceptional contribution and unwavering determination.

Price awarded by Florence Lesage World champion confectionnary arts 2022, and Frédéric Gervoson,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board Andros.

Sincere gratitude to our 3 other finalists for their commitment and stunned work during the competition:

  • Clémence Bourdet, MC – Lycée des Métiers de l’hôtellerie Raymond Mondon in Metz (57) her apprenticeship mentor Alex Baudoin.
  • Léa Hamou, BTM – CFA de SAINT LAURENT du Var (83) and her coach Axelle Fléau.
  • Elisa Launay, MC pâtisserie – URMA Laval (53) and her coach Clément Lelièvre. Awarded with a special fair-play price for their behaviour during the competition.

All the finalists received a one-year JOURNAL du PATISSIER magazine subscription and VIP entries for the next SIRHA fair. Even the candidates who are not on the podium received a finesse® knife and €200 amount of professional fruit ingredients from Andros Chef for their school.

Yanis Ols, Fruits de Talent 2023

“I can’t believe it! It’s amazing!” exclaimed the young pastry chef after the ceremony. Having missed the cut for the final last year, Yanis offered valuable advice to future candidates. “Never underestimate hard work and practice. I learned this lesson last year when we couldn’t participate in the final because we weren’t adequately prepared. You must be well-prepared, experiment, repeat, and through diligent effort, success will follow.”

Quentin Proumen, his coach and mentor at Maison Proumen in Aurillac, emphasized, “It’s an opportunity for the participants to work with products and ingredients that they don’t usually encounter, to push their boundaries, and, above all, to have fun!”ity to work with products and  ingredients that they don’t use normally, to push themselves but above all to have fun! ”.

The Andros Chef Fruits of Talent Competition aims to provide the next generation with their first taste of the demanding world of professional competitions within an exceptional environment that fosters exchange, sharing, and camaraderie.

Credit photo: Marc Allenbach

Video credit – Jean Marc Cortade – Bruit de Table

* Finalistes : Victoria Guth, Maud Laurencin, Clémence Bourdet, Kassie Pattyn, Léa Hamou, Yanis Ols, Elisa Launey, Judith Fauvet-Messat

** Technical jury: 

Christian Vabret, Meilleur Ouvrier de France boulanger, Vice-President of the ‘’Confédération Nationale de la Boulangerie’’ – French Pastries, Creator and Honorary President of the Bakery World Cup.

Emmanuel Lecanu, pastry chef instructor of l’École Ferrières, coach of the 2011 World Champion French team, 2013, 2015 and 2017 world vice-champion, (Under 23 years Worldskills world cup)

Florence Lesage, pastry chef and World champion of confectionary art 2022

Sandy Violand, pastry instructor at SEPR Lyon and coach of the last 2 winners of Fruits of Talent Competion

Gaëtan Fiard, pastry chef the Intercontinental Bordeaux Grand Hotel and World Champion of Confectionnary arts.

François Frauziol, R&D pastry chef at Andros

Stéphane Augé, Meilleur Ouvrier de France glacier, instructor and coach for the French team at the 2020 Gelato World Cup.

Dominique Campergue, instructor at the ‘’école des métiers’’ of the Lot

Raphaël Dussuelle, Head of the teaching unit at the ‘’Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat’’ of the Occitanie Region

*** Tasting jury : 

Germain Decreton – Passion Dessert 2023 Prize and Pastry Chef at Le Jules Verne* restaurant in Paris.

Iris Rouche – First Pastry Sous Chef at Le Jules Verne* restaurant in Paris.

Alexis Beaufils – 2022 World Champion of Confectionary Art and Pastry Chef at Hotel Brach Paris.

Mélanie Hours – Winner of the 2022 Fruits de Talent competition.

Henri Poch – Meilleur Ouvrier de France boulanger.

Matthieu Carlin – Executive Pastry Chef at Hotel Crillon in Paris.

David Alves – 2023 Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier and pastry instructor..

Richard Renaudie – Blackcurrant and Apple Producer in Arnac-Pompadour.

Christophe Gasper – Executive Pastry Chef at Sketch*** restaurant by Chef Pierre Gagnaire in London.

Julien Boutonnet – Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier and Executive Chef at the Lausanne Hotel School.

Marie Simon – Pastry Chef, Marie Simon Patisserie in Beaune and World Champion of Confectionary Art.

Douglas Oberson – Pastry Chef at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester*** restaurant in London.

Tess Evans-Mialet – Pastry Chef at Table de l’Alpaga* in Megève, Young Pastry Hope 2023 by Gault & Millau.

Eliot Eudes – Executive Pastry Chef at Hakkasan* restaurant in London.

Julien Gradoz – Trainer at the Lausanne Hotel School and World Champion of Catering.

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