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Raspberry and rhubarb bowl

A creation of Johanna Le Pape

 She is a pastry chef and world champion of “les arts sucrés” with past experience at the likes of Laduree and Alain Ducasse. Johanna believes in top-of-the-line pastry that is healthy, balanced, and light.


Raspberry rhubarb confit

100 g Frozen raspberries
100 g Frozen rhubarbs
20 g Caster Sugar
2 g Alginate

Poached rhubarbs

65 g Frozen rhubarbs
100 g Raspberry puree 100%
100 g Water
50 g Whole sugar
0,5 g Green aniseed


25 g Whole sugar
25 g Brown sugar
40 g Crushed almonds
40 g Oat flakes
40 g Pecan nuts
40 g Crushed hazelnuts
40 g Chopped pistachios
50 g Blossom honey
S.Q Vanilla extract

Aniseed siphon

150 g Almond milk
20 g Whole sugar
25 g Yolks
0,5 g Salt
10 g Gelatine mass
100 g Greek yoghurt
0,1 g Green aniseed

Rhubarb crisps

100 g Frozen rhubarbs
50 g Water
100 g Brown sugar
50 g Raspberry puree

100% raspberry puree

To obtain a perfect 100% raspberry puree, Andros Chef blends 3 variety types from Poland to have an intense red color, a powerful taste of ripe raspberry and a unique aromatic finesse. Raspberries are partially processed in our plant in Poland, this unsweetened puree can thus be used to make all types of pastries or ice cream and sorbet but also in coulis or even in sauce. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Confit of raspberry rhubarb

    Steam the rhubarb segments for about ten minutes until a soft texture. Let cool. Mix together all the ingredients. Store in a pouch in the fridge.

  2. Poached rhubarbs

    Heat the water with the raspberry puree and the sugar. Add the green aniseed. Poach the rhubarb in the earlier raspberry juice and simmer covered for 20 minutes over a low heat, until a creamy but firm texture.

  3. Granola

    Mix all the ingredients together, then spread on a silpat® baking sheet and bake at 165°C for about 15 minutes. Grind into chips for the presentation.

  4. Aniseed siphon

    Heat the almond milk. Mix the wholemeal sugar with the yolks. Cook in water at 84°C. Add the salt, the gelatine mass and the aniseed, then pour the whole over the greek yoghurt. Smooth it well and pour in the siphon. Fill with a cartridge, then let stand for one hour before use.

  5. Rhubarb crisps

    Bring to the boil the puree with the water and the sugar. Cut the rhubarb into very thin strips, using a mandolin. Soak them one by one in the syrup, then lay them flat on a silpat® tray. Dry in the oven at 100°C for 30 minutes. Twist when removed from the oven. Store in a dry place before presentation or in a box with calcium chloride.

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