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Rugby balls blood peach blackberry

A creation of Moulaye Fanny

Pastry chef at Cueillette restaurant in France (Lot department) he was graduated from FERRANDI, French culinary school, in 2020.


8 balls

Blackberry insert

100 g Blackberry puree

12 g Sugar

2 g NH Pectin

1 g Lemon juice

Blood peach mousse

500 g Blood peach puree

50 g Sugar

105 g Gelatine mass

500 g Whipped cream

Blood peach glaze

200 g Blood peach puree

500 g Water

200 g Sugar

20 g NH Pectin

20 g Lemon puree

Blood peach

The Andros Chef sweetened blood peach puree is a blend of peaches from France. Blood peach puree has a distinctive, sweet and juicy flavor that can enhance a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savory and also a deep, rich red color, which can add visual appeal to dishes and make them stand out.

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Preparation steps

  1. Blackberry insert

    Heat 1/3 of the blackberry puree at 40°C. Add sugar and pectin mix. Cook for 1 minute. Off the heat, add the remaining puree and lemon juice. Pour in an oval shape mold and freeze.

  2. Blood peach mousse

    Heat 100 g of blood peach puree with gelatine mass and sugar. Off the heat, add the remaining puree. Mix. Gradually add the whipped cream. Pipe into ball-shaped molds. Place the frozen blackberry insert into each half balls. Freeze.

  3. Blood peach glaze

    Heat the puree with water at 40°C. Add the sugar and pectin mix. Add the sugar previously mixed with pectin, while stirring vigorously, and cook until it reaches a boiling point. Off the heat, add lemon juice and mix. Refrigerate at 4°C. Use at 25°C. Remove the entremets from the molds, decorate with the glaze at 25°C.

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