Santo Domingo recipe by Alexis Beaufils

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Santo Domingo passion fruit

A creation of Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils, Pastry Chef at the Brach hotel in Paris who won the International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Florence Lesage. He is graduated from Versailles CFA and started as apprentice at Dalloyau then Pastry Sous-Chef Junior for Yann Brys. He also worked as Pastry Sous-Chef at Ledoyen Pavillon and Mandarin Oriental.


1 entremets

Sweet chocolate pastry

T55 flour 180 g
Cocoa powder 20 g
Icing sugar 75 g
Fine ground almonds 25 g
Fine salt 1 g
Unsalted butter 120 g
Whole eggs 45 g
Natural red colouring sq

Pecan cookie dough

Unsalted butter 150 g
Muscovado sugar 80 g
Brown sugar 80 g
Rapadura sugar 80 g
Whole eggs 75 g
T55 flour 205 g
Baking powder 5 g
Pecan powder 50 g

Intense chocolate ganache

Whole milk 68 g
Cream 77 g
Glucose 72 g
Chocolate 64% 173 g

Chocolate cream

Whole milk 175 g
Cream 175 g
Invert sugar 40 g
Egg yolks 75 g
Chocolate 64% 110 g
Chocolate 46% 60 g
Vanilla bean 1 p
Lime zest 1 p

Chocolate pecan streusel

Unsalted butter 50 g
Brown sugar 25 g
Vergeoise (brown sugar obtained from sugar beets) 25 g
Pecan pieces 60 g
Cocoa powder 5 g
Flour 60 g
Baked streusel 200 g
Chopped chocolate 64% 200 g

Banana confit

Banana puree 200 g
Mango puree 50 g
Passion fruit puree 34 g
Vanilla bean 1 p
Caster sugar 57 g
Dextrose 15 g
NH pectin 3.2 g
Agar-Agar 1.86 g
Lime juice 30 g
Grated ginger 1.24 g
Soft banana cubes 62 g

Chocolate mousse

Whole milk 75 g
Cream 75 g
Egg yolk 75 g
Invert sugar 41 g
Chocolate 64% 190 g
Whipped cream 357 g

Purée fruits de passion surgelés bac 1 kg

Sweetened passion fruit puree

Andros Chef frozen passion fruit puree is a perfect blend of purple and yellow passion fruits. A strategic blend which offers a perfect balance between taste and acidity for a higher complexity of flavors. Purple passion fruits are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. The puree is perfect to give a fine acidic and exotic touch in a dessert, mousse, ice cream, beverages or even savory dishes. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Sweet chocolate pastry

    Rub the butter into the flour, cocoa powder, icing sugar, ground almonds and salt. Add the eggs and colouring and mix without kneading. Let the dough rest and roll out to 1.5 mm. Cut out 7 cm circles. Bake on inverted moulds at 150°C for 15 minutes.

  2. Pecan cookie dough

    Cream butter with sugars, add tempered eggs and finish with flour and baking powder previously sifted with pecan powder. Bake in tartlet or muffin molds at 180°C for 5 minutes.

  3. Intense chocolate ganache

    Boil the cream, milk and glucose together. Pour the mixture over the chocolate and blend until emulsified. Pour into the sweet pastry base with the cookie.

  4. Chocolate cream

    Infuse the vanilla pods and lime zest for 10 minutes. Strain and cook at 82°C with the yolks and invert sugar. Pour over the chocolate and blend to emulsify. Set aside for assembly.

  5. Chocolate pecan streusel

    Coarsely grind the pecans. Rub in with the remaining ingredients, then pass through a large sieve. Place on a Silpain® sheet. Bake for 25 minutes at 140°C in a convection oven. When cool, mix with the chocolate, chopped beforehand with a knife.

  6. Banana confit

    Heat the purees together. Mix the sugars with the NH pectin and agar-agar. Add to the mixture at 40°C and bring to the boil. Blend while adding the lime juice and grated ginger. Finish with the banana cubes. Pour into the moulds.

  7. Chocolate mousse

    Cook the milk, cream, egg yolks and invert sugar at 82°C. Strain onto the chocolates and make an emulsion. At 39°C, add the whipped cream. Use immediately.

  8. Assembly

    Bake the sweet pastry bases on the inverted moulds. When cool, place the cookie ball in the cooked pastry base and then in the mould pan so as not to distort the base. Smooth with the ganache. Make the insert with the banana confit and the chocolate cream and then put the two parts together. Dip into the chocolate mousse at 39°C and then place the streusel and chocolate mixture on top.

  9. Finish

    Spray the chocolate at 45°C with a 3 nozzle and melt with a micro-torch. Spray the crispy part with the hot glaze. Sprinkle the cocoa powder through a strainer.

Processus :

Sweet chocolate pastry 13 g
Pecan cookie dough 17 g
Intense chocolate ganache 10 g
Chocolate cream 20 g
Banana confit 2×15 g
Chocolate mousse 30 g
Chocolate crisp 10 g

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