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Andros Tonic

A creation of Matthias Giroud

Matthias began his career in mixology at the age of 16 at the world famous “Bar Fly” in Paris.  His roles since then, as chief mixologist, have run the gamut at high-end, dynamic bars in Paris; Bound, Buddha Bar, Barrio Latino and Barlotti to name a few. 

In 2016, he cofounded WM.Signature Consulting to offer his expertise in F&B operational management and strategy to others.  Today, his workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt, named l’Alchimiste offers professionals practical training in bar experience and tailored cocktails. 


Clementine infused in juniper berries

50 cl Clementine puree
20 g Juniper berries (CRUSHED)

20 g Water

Andros Tonic

3 cl Clementine infused
4 cl Gin
1 cl Lime puree
120 ml Tonic water


Sweetened clementine puree

Andros Chef new frozen clementine puree are noticeably sweeter than most other varieties of citruses purees. There's almost no bitterness or sour flavor, which adds to their appeal. Our puree has a bright orange colour and a fine and light texture that’s easy to work with. Clementines are received fresh in Andros primary processing factory in southern Spain (PROBICASA). Clementine puree is very appreciated by many chefs and can be used in mousses and entremets, cocktails, smoothies or yule log. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Clementine infused in juniper berries

    Let infused at fridge during 24h. Filter and keep at fridge.

  2. Andros Tonic

    Lime puree + clementine infused + gin. Fill with crushed ice. Add the tonic water.

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