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Lime, bergamot, lychee and fresh herbs iced baba

A creation of Florence Lesage

World pastry-confectioner vice-champion, silver medallist of the final competition Worldskills in 2015 in São Paulo. Florence Lesage was pastry chef in The Westin hotel Paris-Vendôme and won The International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Alexis Beaufils.


Pâte à baba

195 g T55 flour

5 g Fine salt

14 g Caster sugar

11 g Fresh yeast

135 g Whole eggs

90 g Whole milk

45 g Unsalted butter

Soaking syrup

1,8 L Water

380 g Lychee puree

50 g Bergamot puree

1 Lemon

1 Orange

250 g Brown sugar

150 g Caster sugar

10 g Fresh mint

Green tea and fresh herbs granita

570 g Water

80 g Caster sugar

75 g Bergamot puree

30 g Organic green tea

6 g Fresh mint

Lychee icing

450 g Lychee puree

30 g Cornflour

100 g Caster sugar

3 g Pectin NH

70 g Gelatine mass (10 g gelatine + 60 g water)

110 g Lychee puree

Lychee and tequila sorbet

20 g Dextrose

40 g Atomised glucose

100 g Caster sugar

100 g Water

3,4 g Sorbet stabiliser

600 g Lychee puree

35 g Lemon puree

25 g Tequila

1/3 Vanilla pods


Fresh Oranges and Bloody Oranges

Fresh Litchis

Atsina Cress

100% bergamot puree

The Andros Chef 100% bergamot puree is part of the purees you must have in your citrus assortment. Without added sugar, it has a bitter and sour taste, raising the amaze of desserts, mousses and sorbets. Could be also used in savory dishes as a marinade. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Baba dough

    Pour the flour in the mixer vessel then clearly split the salt, sugar and fresh yeast. Add the eggs and mix. Gradually pour in the milk. Stop mixing and corner well the sides and the mixer’s blade. Mix for one more minute and add the cold melted butter. Corner and mix again a last time. Mold in savarin pallets molds (15g/mold). Let rise for an hour at about 30 °C. Bake at 160°C until slightly amber-coloured (about 15 to 20 minutes). Remove the baba from the mold and carry on the baking until a nice ambered coloration (5 to 10 more minutes). Allow the baba to dry for about 1 to 2 h in the oven.

  2. Soaking syrup

    In a saucepan, weigh out the water and the purees. Peel the lemon and the oranges and cut them into pieces. Add the brown sugar, caster sugar and mint. Warm over at low heat, then skim from time to time. Once a light broth has been reached, strain this syrup and set aside.

  3. Green tea and fresh herbs granita

    Make a syrup with the water and sugar. Brew the chopped mint and the tea in the syrup for 10 minutes. Strain. Once cooled, add the puree. Mix. Freeze. Make a coarse-grained granita.

  4. Lychee icing

    Heat the 450g of lychee puree at 40°C. Gradually add the beforehand mixed together powders. Boil for 1 minute. Add the gelatine mass cut into small cubes. Add the second load of the lychee puree. Mix. Cool down.

  5. Lychee and tequila sorbet

    Mix the solids (50% of the sugar, the glucose and the dextrose). Heat the water at 40°C. Mix the sugar with the stabiliser and add at 50°C. Cook at 70°C. Cool down to 30°C. Let cool for 4 hours. Add the purees and the alcohol, mix. Churn and set aside to serve.

  6. Assembly

    Dip the frozen babas into the soaking syrup warmed at 85°C. Flip them regularly so as to have an even soaking Slightly drain then freeze. Work out the icing. With a pick, soak the babas into the icing. Drop them on a lightly greased guitar paper sheet. Chill the serving glasses. Place the granita at the bottom of the glass, then carefully drop the baba. Garnish with the fruits and fresh herbs. Place a quenelle of lychee sorbet on the baba.

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