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Kumquatolada Cocktail & pastry


12 pieces + 2 cocktails

Kumquat insert

250 g Kumquat puree
2 Limes
40 g Sugar
8 g Pectin

Pâte sucrée coco

150 g Butter
90 g Icing sugar
40 g Grated coconut
50 g Egg (1)
5 g Salt
250 g Flour
20 g Neutral glaze

Coconut biscuit

100 g Egg white
20 g Sugar
80 g Icing sugar
5 g Dark rum
50 g Almond powder
70 g Grated coconut

Kumquat mousse

10 g Gelatine
250 g Kumquat puree 
250 g Cream 35% FAT
190 g Italian meringue
5 g Dark rum

Italian meringue

150 g Sugar
75 g Water
75 g Egg white


12 cl Dark rum
10 cl Coconut milk
20 cl Kumquat puree
2 cl Lime juice
Sq Ice cube



1 Lime
60 g Grated coconut
3 Kumquats

Purée surgelée de kumquat

Sweetened kumquat puree

Andros Chef new frozen kumquat puree is slightly sweet; the overwhelming flavor is sour and tangy with a fine length in the mouth. Our kumquats are received fresh at our Andros factory in southern Spain (PROBICASA) : selected fruits from our integrated fruit sourcing and processing to guarantee optimal quality. The kumquat is more and more used by chefs, it is the new trendy fruit! Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Insert

    Heat the kumquat puree. At 45°C, add in rain the pectin/sugar mix. Bring to a boil still stirring. Mix and pour in insert's moulds. Freeze.

  2. Coconut sweetened dough

    Cream the butter with sugar with the paddle attachment. Add grated coconut, salt and egg. Add the flour. Wrap in a cling film and refrigerate. Roll out, prick and cut out. Place on a silpat and refrigerate. Bake at 170°C for 15/20 min. Once cooled down, glaze the edges with neutral glaze and roll in the grated coconut.

  3. Coconut biscuit

    Whip the egg white. Stiff with sugar. Add with a spatula the rum, almond powder and 50g of grated coconut. Pipe small disc on a baking paper. Sprinkle 20g of remaining coconut. Bake at 180°C fir 10 min.

  4. Italian meringue

    In a saucepan, cook a syrup with sugar and water. Once 115°C is obtained, whip the egg whites. At 118°C, drizzle the syrup over the egg whites to obtain stiff peaks. Whip continuously until it is cooled down.

  5. Kumquat mousse

    Soak the gelatine. Whip the cream to obtain a foamy whipped mousse, not to firm. Heat the puree with rum. Add the gelatine. In a bowl, whip the puree with meringue and add the whipped cream with a spatula.

  6. Assembly

    In silicone moulds, pipe the mousse, place an insert and a coconut biscuit. Freeze to the core. Unmold and glaze. Decorate with kumquat slices and lime zests.

  7. Cocktail (for2)

    Dip the glass's edges in lime then in grated coconut. In a shaker, pour the ingredients with 6 ice cubes. Shake and sieve in the glass with ice cubes. Decorate with a kumquat slice and lime zests.

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