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Orange brioche puff pastry

A creation of Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils, Pastry Chef at the Brach hotel in Paris who won the International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Florence Lesage. He is graduated from Versailles CFA and started as apprentice at Dalloyau then Pastry Sous-Chef Junior for Yann Brys. He also worked as Pastry Sous-Chef at Ledoyen Pavillon and Mandarin Oriental.


Brioche puff pastry

Milk 225 g
Baker’s yeast 37.5 g
T 55 flour 400 g
T 45 flour 400 g
Eggs 150 g
Kneading butter 75 g
Salt 15 g
Caster Sugar 90 g
Dry butter 450 g

Orange syrup

Sweet orange puree 200 g
Water 130 g
Caster Sugar 450 g
Orange peel 1 piece

Candied peels

Orange syrup 300 g
Orange peel 3 pieces

Orange marmalade

Orange 250 g
Water SQ
Salt 2 g
Caster Sugar 100 g
Cinnamon stick 1
Star anise 2
Sweet orange puree 55 g
Orange peel 1/2

orange puff pastry brioche Andros Chef
Purée oranges douces surgelées bac 1 kg

Sweetened sweet orange puree

Andros Chef sweet orange puree can be described as an “Andros innovation” with an untypical smooth and thick texture. That singular product is obtained from processing fresh oranges received at full maturity in our plant in south Spain. Combining flavors of fresh orange and zest we obtain a slightly bitter puree, an exclusive taste which was acclaimed by the 2018 Ice Cream World Champion Team. Chefs adore using this sweet orange puree with a cream, for cocktails, and yule log. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Brioche puff pastry

    Melt the baker’s yeast in the milk. With the mixer, fitted with a hook, mix the flour, salt and sugar with the milk previously mixed with the yeast. Add the eggs. Cut the butter into pieces and store it at sub-zero temperature for some minutes. Knead on first speed for 1 minute. Knead on second speed until the dough comes off completely from the sides of the bowl. Add the butter and knead until complete detachment of the dough. Roll out the dough into a square and freeze it in the freezer until it is cold enough for the tourage. Make a double turn and a single one without stopping. Use well chilled for the shaping.

  2. Orange syrup

    Make some peel with the peeler. Bring all the ingredients to a boil, then sieve and coat the brioches when removed from the oven. Pick up the candied zest, cut them into julienne to decorate the brioche.

  3. Candied peels

    Wash and peel the orange with a peeling blade. Heat the orange syrup till boiling and pour over the peels. Let cool, drain and dry the peels.

  4. Assembly

    Make the puff pastry brioche. Cut strips of 3.5 cm/ 35 cm then roll it on itself. Place in 12cm diameter silicone moulds already buttered and sprinkled with brown sugar. Out of the oven, coat the puff pastry brioche, with a brush, with the orange syrup. When the brioche has cooled down, from the bottom, using a pastry bag, line with orange marmalade.

  5. Finishing

    Sprinkle the edges with codineige sugar and place 3 candied peels on the brioche.

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