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Strawberry coconut yule log

A creation of Joaquin Soriano

He is Head chef of the CJSJ pastry shop in Taïwan who has worked for many years in Michelin restaurants. He has experiences in Le Meurice, Alléno Yannick, and Alain Ducasse in Paris, Grand Hôtel - Park 45 in Cannes, and Relais Dessert Pastry Shop "Luc Guillet".



Coconut cream 463g
Gelatin powder 200Bloom 18,7g
Granulated sugar 66,7g
Coconut alcohol 33,3g
Eggs white 96g
Granulated sugar 53,3g
Cream 35%fat 300g


Whole milk 3,6%fat 145g
PDO butter 82%fat 109g
Inverted sugar 39g
Flour T65 10,5% protein 140g
Whole eggs 97g
Egg yolk 165g
Eggs white 246g
Granulated sugar 117g


Strawberry puree 535g
Citric acid 11g
Glucose syrup DE40 158g
Granulated sugar 148g
Trehalose 148g
NH pectin 12,3g
Agar agar 8,1g

Sweetened strawberry puree

The Andros Chef frozen strawberry puree is a blend of 3 varieties with Senga sengana. Its flavour is intense and gives an excellent balance taste to our blend. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps


    Whip the cream to a shaving foam texture and store it in a chiller +4°c. Melt the puree with the gelatin mass and add the alcohol. Let it set to get a creamy but still soft texture. Realize a meringue with the egg white and the sugar, then pour the coconut gel and stir slowly and carefully to keep the volume. Finish with the whipped cream.


    Bring to simmer, the milk with the butter and the inverted sugar and pour over the previously sift flour into a robot’s bowl. With a paddle attachment, start to stir to dry the mass, then pour the warm eggs and egg yolk. Meanwhile, beat the egg white to realise a meringue with the sugar.Incorporate carefully to the choux pastry and stir. Pour on a tray and spread it. Bake in a convection oven 170°c for nine minutes.


    Mix all the dry extracts together and add it into the puree and stir. Add the glucose and bring to boil, Store into a plastic box. Let rest overnight in a chiller +4°c.


    First step, realize the strawberry jelly and let it gelify in chiller +4°c. During the cooling step, realize the choux pastry biscuit and pour myself on a baking tray. After baking, cover it with a baking paper and flip the tray thanks to a grid. Remove the tray and let it cool. Spread the jelly on it and cut the biscuit (24x25cm), roll it and store it in a blast freezer. When the insert is frozen, coat it with a mix of cocoa butter and white chocolate and place it in freezer. Realize the mousse and deposit the frozen insert into the mold and store in a blast freezer. The extra mousse can be spread on clean wrap and store in the chiller. Unmold the cake and spray it, then depose the cold mousse on top. Decorate.

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