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Gin, grapefruit and pomegranate cocktail


Cocktail mix & match

2 cl Lemon juice
4 cl Gin
2 cl Cranberry juice
4 cl 100% Grapefruit puree
4 cl 100% Pomegranate puree
1 Mint leaf
1 Lemon
Sq Crushed ice

100% grapefruit puree

A superieur quality unsweetened grapefruit puree. Managing the full process from the fruit processing to the final product, we are able to obtain an optimal organoleptic quality, with genuine passion and attention to flavor profile - for a truely unique taste. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Place all ingredients in a shaker: gin, lemon juice, grapefruit puree, pomegranate puree and cranberry juice. Add crushed ice and shake. Fill the glass at half with crushed ice. Pour the cocktail mix by sieving. Hit the mint, add and mix. Decorate with lemon zest before serving.

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