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Strawberry tart

A creation of Rémi Bouiller

Rémi is a young veteran of the Paris pastry scene, he offers modern and refined desserts at Kreme Salon de Thé in Paris. His love for natural products makes him an ideal Andros Chef's collaborator. He has taking part of the amazing serie “Best professional pastry chefs'' on M6 network’s.


Sweet dough

130 g Flour

52 g Sugar
15 g Almond powder
1 g Salt
75 g Cold butter
25 g Whole eggs

Almond cream

75 g Softened butter
75 g Sugar
75 g Almond powder
75 g Egg

Strawberry mousse

187 g Strawberry puree
82 g Sugar
43 g Gelatine mass
187 g Whipped cream

Sq Fresh basil

Strawberry glaze

250 g Strawberry puree
250 g Neutral glaze
75 g Gelatine mass


100 g IQF strawberries

Sweetened strawberry puree

The Andros Chef frozen strawberry puree is a blend of 3 varieties with Senga sengana. Its flavour is intense and gives an excellent balance taste to our blend. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Sweet dough

    Mix all powder together with cold butter. Once a mealy texture is obtained, add whole eggs and stir until the dough is homogeneous. Line the dough in a tart mould of 16 cm diameter. Bake for 10 minutes at 150°C.

  2. Almond cream

    Mix the butter and sugar until a creamy texture is obtained. Add the hazelnut powder then add eggs and the frozen apricots last. Pipe in the cooked dough then bake 15 minutes at 150°C.

  3. Strawberry mousse

    Heat the sugar with strawberry puree. Add the melted gelatine. Allow to cool down at 28°C then add the whipped cream. Pour the mousse in a ring of 14 cm diameter and freeze.

  4. Strawberry glaze

    Heat the fruit puree with neutral glaze then add the melted gelatine. Keep in the refrigerator overnight.

  5. Assembly

    Pipe the almond cream into the baked dough and bake at 150°C for 12 minutes. Spread the frozen strawvberries. Spread the strawberry mousse and coat with glaze at 35°C. Decorate.

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