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Exotic tendresse passion fruit

A creation of Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils, Pastry Chef at the Brach hotel in Paris who won the International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Florence Lesage. He is graduated from Versailles CFA and started as apprentice at Dalloyau then Pastry Sous-Chef Junior for Yann Brys. He also worked as Pastry Sous-Chef at Ledoyen Pavillon and Mandarin Oriental.


Molten coconut cake

112g Almond powder
112 g Grated coconut
176 g Brown sugar 1
62 g Egg whites 1
102 g Egg yolks
40 g Icing sugar
1 g Salt
188 g Buter
106 g All-purpose flour
6 g Backing power
252 g Egg whites 2
37 g Brown sugar 2

Exotic confit

400 g Mango puree 
400 g Banana puree
120g Passion fruit puree 
14 g NH Pectin 325
126 g Caster sugar
25 g St Germain® liqueur
12 g Gelatin mass (fish)

Light coconut mascarpone cream

90 g Gelatin mass

500 g Liquid cream
200 g Coconut puree 1 
150 g Caster sugar
202 g Mascarpone
150 g Coconut puree 2 

Fruit brunoise

100 g Mango
100 g Pineapple
1/4 Lime zests
1/4 Fresh passion fruit
30 g Exotic confit
15 g Neutral glaze

Coconut coating

500 g White chocolate
40 g Cocoa butter
30 g Seed grapes oil
Sq Grated coconut

Purée fruits de passion surgelés bac 1 kg

Sweetened passion fruit puree

Andros Chef frozen passion fruit puree is a perfect blend of purple and yellow passion fruits. A strategic blend which offers a perfect balance between taste and acidity for a higher complexity of flavors. Purple passion fruits are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. The puree is perfect to give a fine acidic and exotic touch in a dessert, mousse, ice cream, beverages or even savory dishes. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Molten coconut cake

    In a stand-mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, rub in together almond power, gratted coconut, brown sugar 1, egg whites, egg yolks, icing sugar and salt. Add the butter previously melted and cooled down. Whip the egg whites 2 with brown sugar 2 then gently fold into the first mixture. Add the flour with baking powder previously sieved. Spread on a baking sheet with edges that measures 40/60cm. Bake at 170°C for 16 minutes.

  2. Exotic confit

    Heat the fruit purees at 40°C. Add sugar previously mixed pectin. Bring to a boil for 1 minute then add gelatin mass. Cool down at 4°C then mix adding the St Germain® liqueur.

  3. Light coconut mascarpone cream

    Heat the first part of coconut puree with sugar at 60°C. Add the gelatin mass and mascarpone. Mix and allow to cool down at 4°C. Whip with an electric whisk gently adding the second part of coconut puree.

  4. Fruit brunoise

    Finely dice the mango and pineapple then add the lime zests and passion fruit seeds. Gently fold in with exotic confit and neutral glaze.

  5. Coconut coating

    Melt the white chocolate, cocoa butter and seed grapes oil. Coat each little cakes then sprinkle grated coconut.

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