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bergamote illustration

Bergamot energizing shooter

A creation of Johanna Le Pape

 She is a pastry chef and world champion of “les arts sucrés” with past experience at the likes of Laduree and Alain Ducasse. Johanna believes in top-of-the-line pastry that is healthy, balanced, and light.



100% bergamot puree 100 ml
Apple juice 150 ml
Saffron threads 10
Ginger juice 25 ml
Honey 25 g

100% bergamot puree

The Andros Chef 100% bergamot puree is part of the purees you must have in your citrus assortment. Without added sugar, it has a bitter and sour taste, raising the amaze of desserts, mousses and sorbets. Could be also used in savory dishes as a marinade. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Mix all the ingredients. Serve well chilled.

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