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The Cylindre

A creation of Gérald Maridet

French pastry chef based in Indonesia and former chef in many 5-star hotels around the world, knows a thing or two about sweet luxury. Graduated in Lyon, he worked all his career aboard: Indonesia, Guatemala, Malaisia, Singapore, China... For a long time he collaborated with Andros and now also is doing recipes with Andros Chef ingredients.


Bitter cocoa biscuit

Eggs 250 g
Sugar 145 g
Emulsifying (TBM) 6 g
Vegetable Oil 50 g
Cocoa Powder 25 g
Mineral Water 50 g
Cake Flour 105 g
Salt 1 g

Chocolate whipped mousse

Milk 60 g
Cream 60 g
Egg yolks 40 g
Sugar 45 g
Dark Chocolate 61% 145 g
Whipped cream 200 g

Raspberry or mango creamy cream

Cream 300 g
Milk 50 g
Gelatin masse 16 g
White chocolate 31% 180 g
Raspberry puree 200 g

Spray 56%

Cocoa butter 250 g
Dark chocolate 250 g
Red coloring Liquid (Burgundy) 10 g

Raspberry spiral jelly

Raspberry puree 500 g
Sugar 50 g
Mineral Water 80 g
Pectin X58 12 g

Mango spiral jelly

Mango puree 500 g
Sugar 50 g
Mineral water 110 g
Pectin X58 12 g

Framboise / Mangue

Sweetened raspberry puree

To obtain a perfect raspberry puree, Andros Chef has made the best blend to have an intense red color, a powerful taste of ripe raspberry and a unique aromatic finesse. Raspberry puree can thus be used to make all types of pastries or ice cream and sorbet but also in coulis or even in sauce. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Bitter cocoa biscuit

    In a mixer bowl, whisk eggs, sugar, emulsifying until foamy then add gradually oil, salt then warm water dissolved with cocoa powder like a paste. Last fold sieve flour then ready for baking at 180°C for 20 to 30 minutes using square flexipan to keep maximum moist into the sponge. Removed from oven and cool aside before storage in chiller.

  2. Chocolate whipped mousse

    In a sauce pot put warm milk, cream add whisked egg yolks and sugar to obtain a custard sauce cooked at 83°C then immediately strained it and pour over the chocolate. Use a hand blender to smooth the mixture at 37°C then add whipped cream using a spatula and ready to use immediately.

  3. Raspberry or mango creamy cream

    In a sauce pot, boil cream, milk add the defrosted raspberry puree, follow by melted gelatin masse then pour over white chocolate. Using a hand blender to smooth the mixture and dispose into a container until next day. After minimum 12 hours rest ready to whip then pour into flexipan mold and freeze it. This raspberry cremeux will be insert the mold as per the sketch.

  4. Spray 56%

    In microwave melt cocoa butter at 55°C then pour over the chocolate to melt properly. Sieve through add the coloring then ready to spray on frozen surface.

  5. Raspberry or mango spiral jelly

    In a sauce pan, boil the defrosted puree with sugar and pectin then removed from the heat add the mineral water. Sieve through then pour into the flexipan mold as spiral shape. Freeze it until set. Next day ready to remove from flexipan and spray with transparent glazed.

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