sweet orange-chocolate bûche

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Sweet orange-chocolate bûche Gianduja crispy, safran sweet orange

A creation of Keiko Nagae

Keiko Nagae started working in the famous Parisian pastry shop Ladurée. Then she has been pastry chef at la Table du Lancaster with Michel Troisgros. In 2002, she collaborated with Pierre Gagnaire at the opening of the Sketch restaurant in London.

Upon her return to France, she started her own company – AROME, which deals with consulting in pastry, training chefs, creating recipes and organizing the opening of pastry shops.


Cocoa crumble

1 Orange (for zest)
65 g Sugar
45 g Butter
65 g Hazelnut powder
20 g Cocoa powder
45 g Flour
2 g Fleur de sel

Cocoa gianduja crispy

150 g Baked crumble
1 g Salt
38 g Crusty crepes
55 g Hazelnuts
100 g Milk hazelnut gianduja 35%
35 g Milk chocolate 40%

Chocolate biscuit

240 g Egg whites
145 g Sugar
120 g Dark chocolate 70%
65 g Cream
65 g Flour

Soaking syrup

75 g Water
50 g Sugar
25 g Combier® orange liqueur
25 g Squeezed orange juice

Orange marmelade

200 g Oranges (blanched)
60 g Sugar
2 g Pectin NH
100 g Squeezed orange juice

Sweet orange jelly

250 g Sweet orange puree
1 Orange (for zest)
100 g Orange portions
4 g Gold gelatine (200 bloom gelatin)
25 g Combier® orange liqueur

Creamy chocolate cream

125 g Milk
125 g Cream
60 g Egg yolks
138 g Dark chocolate 70%
25 g Milk chocolate 40%

Saffron sweet orange bavarois

85 g Egg yolks
175 g Sweet orange puree (1)
40 g Sugar

12 g Gelatine
125 g Sweet orange puree (2)
0,8 g Saffron
400 g Whipped cream

Sweet orange glaze

175 g Sweet orange puree
60 g Orange juice
30 g Sugar
9 g Cornflour
6 g Gelatine
75 g Neutral glaze

Candied orange slices

2 Oranges
400 g Water
200 g Sugar

Purée oranges douces surgelées bac 1 kg

Sweetened sweet orange puree

Andros Chef sweet orange puree can be described as an “Andros innovation” with an untypical smooth and thick texture. That singular product is obtained from processing fresh oranges received at full maturity in our plant in south Spain. Combining flavors of fresh orange and zest we obtain a slightly bitter puree, an exclusive taste which was acclaimed by the 2018 Ice Cream World Champion Team. Chefs adore using this sweet orange puree with a cream, for cocktails, and yule log. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Cocoa crumble

    Mix sugar with orange zests, soften the butter and add to the mix sugar-orange. Add fleur de sel, hazelnut powder, flour and cocoa powder. Let chill. Spread at 5 mm, cut in 5 mm cube pieces and bake at 150°C during 15 minutes. Leave to cool.

  2. Cocoa gianduja crispy

    Roast the hazelnuts at 150°C. Cool down and cut in pieces. Melt the gianduja and chocolate. Mix all ingredients. Spread at 5 mm thickness and 10 cm width (take 2 cm over the bûche length). Keep in the refrigerator.

  3. Chocolate biscuit

    Heat the cream and pour onto the chocolate, mix to obtain a ganache. Whip the egg whites then sift with sugar until a meringue is obtained. Add the meringue into ganache and gradually add the sifted flour. Spread at 1 cm thickness, bake at 150°C during 30 minutes. Leave to cool.

  4. Soaking syrup

    Heat the water and sugar. Cool, add the rest of the ingredients.

  5. Orange marmelade

    Pierce oranges with a needle and blanch it three time (cooling between each steps). Remove the orange white layers and seeds, mix with the robot-cut, keeping fruit pieces. Mix sugar with pectin, sprinkle over the orange mix and gently cook until all juice dry. Add the orange juice and reduce again. Cool down, spread at 4mm thickness. Freeze.

  6. Sweet orange jelly

    In a sauce pan, mix the puree, orange zest, orange segments, gently cook 10 minutes. Over the heat, add gelatine and orange liqueur. Leave to cool.

  7. Creamy chocolate cream

    Cook an anglaise cream, pour onto the chocolates. Mix.

  8. Saffron sweet orange bavarois

    Heat the puree (1) with the saffron, mix egg yolks with sugar until foamy. Cook an anglaise cream. Add the gelatine then add the puree (2). Let cool at room temperature and add the whipped cream.

  9. Sweet orange glaze

    Put the puree, orange juice in a sauce pan, add the sugar/cornflour mix, mix thoroughly. Gently cook stirring continuously. Remove from the heat when the mix is thicky and add gelatine. Mix the glaze. Keep at fridge overnight. Use at 25-26°C.

  10. Candied orange slices

    Cut orange slices at 1,5-2 mm thickness. Put on a rack. In a sauce pan, bring to a boil water with sugar, pour onto orange slices. Put a baking paper onto the slices. Bake at 150°C until oranges became translucent and candied. Leave to cool. For dried oranges: drain some candied orange slices, put on a silpat, dry at 85°C. Keep dry.

Processus :

Assembly (mould 8.5 cm x 54 cm x 7cm)

Insert (5.5 cm x 53.5 cm)
Pour 300 g sweet orange jelly in a mould, set the jelly. Pour 450 g creamy chocolate cream onto the jelly, stock in the refrigerator. Put the chocolate biscuit at 5 mm thickness (5 x 53,5 cm) soak with the syrup. Freeze the insert.

Cut the chocolate biscuit at 1 cm thickness (7 cm x 54 cm), soak. Put the orange marmelade, fitting the chocolate biscuit size. Keep at freezer. Pour 800 g bavarois in the mould, insert the jelly/creamy chocolate cream/biscuit. Cover with the bavarois, put the marmelade/chocolate soaked biscuit. Smooth the top. Freeze.

Finishing touch
Unmould, cut to obtain the desired bûche dimension (20 cm length). Glaze the bûche, put it on the gianduja crispy. Decorate with candied orange slices, fresh orange, candied orange zests, dried orange slices. Sprinkle orange zests onto the bûche.

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