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Strawberry and passion fruit tartlet

A creation of Anne Fashauer

Anne is Pastry chef and professional flavors matchmaker. She knows exactly how to sublimate each recipes using Andros Chef ingredients. Graduated with Marketing degree and Pastry formation, she proposes training course and collaboration with professionals.


Sweet almond dough

120g butter

2g fine salt

90g caster sugar

30g almond powder

1 egg

240g flour T55

Strawberry almond cream

60g butter

60g almond cream

60g caster sugar

1 egg

50g strawberry high fruit compote

Passion fruit confit

300g passion fruit high fruit compote

45g caster sugar

9g pectin NH


Fresh strawberries

Passion high fruit compote

Our high passion fruit contains seeds they are lightly cooked for an almost homemade compote finish. Made from 80% purple passion fruit, they are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. A high fruit compote delicately sweetened for accompaniment for any dessert. Packed in 1kg flexible bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Sweet almond dough

    Start with creaming the butter, salt and caster sugar. Once the whole is homogeneous add the almond powder and egg. Add the flour and mix thoroughly until a sandy dough is obtained. Spread thinly (2mm thick) between two sheets of guitar of baking paper. Cut out discs the size of your pie circle (here perforated stainless steel pie circles, 8cm in diameter). Also cut out strips of 26 x 2.5cm. Place in the freezer for few minutes until the dough is cold and you can easily peel it off the paper. Butter your molds, place a disk in the bottom of your pie circle and line with a strip of dough. Trim off dough, garnish with strawberry almond cream and bake at 160°C for 20 minutes. For more homogeneous cooking of your tart bases, it is recommended to use a perforated grid and baking mat.

  2. Strawberry almond cream

    Make the almond cream by vigorously beating the room-temperated butter, the almond powder, the caster sugar and the whole egg. Once the mixture is well mixed, add the strawberry high fruit compote and mix again until the appliance is regular. Pipe halfway in your circles lined with sweet almond dough and cook.

  3. Candied passion fruit

    Combine the caster sugar and the pectin. Warm the passion fruit high fruit compote at 40°C. Add the caster sugar and pectin mixture in rain and bring to a boil. Pour into silicone circles 6cm diameter then freeze in blast chiller.

  4. Assembly

    Garnish each pre-baked pie shell with strawberry high fruit compote and smooth down. Coat your half spheres of candied passion fruit using a neutral coating previously relaxed with 10% of its weight in water and heated. Place a half sphere covered in each pie shell and garnish with fresh strawberries.

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