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Wild strawberry temptation

A creation of Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils, Pastry Chef at the Brach hotel in Paris who won the International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Florence Lesage. He is graduated from Versailles CFA and started as apprentice at Dalloyau then Pastry Sous-Chef Junior for Yann Brys. He also worked as Pastry Sous-Chef at Ledoyen Pavillon and Mandarin Oriental.


Basque pastry

Egg yolk 125 g
Sugar 249 g
Butter 249 g
T55 flour 349 g
Baking powder 40 g
Lemon peel 6 g
Vanilla pod 1
Salt 1 g

Vanilla Chantilly cream

Milk 73 g

Caster sugar 68 g

Vanilla bean 15 g

Gelatine mass (fish) 48 g

Mascarpone 150 g

Single cream 35 630 g

Pastry cream base

Milk 333 g
Single cream 33 g
Sugar 26 g
Egg yolk 66 g
Sugar 33 g
Pastry cream powder 20 g
Flour 20 g
Butter 20 g

Almond butter

Pastry cream base 145 g

Butter 145 g

Almond paste 65% 240 g

Vanilla extract 5 g

Vanilla pod 1

Amaretto 54 g

Strawberry confit

Strawberry puree 250 g
IQF strawberries 200 g
NH pectin 325 8 g
Agar agar 2 g
Caster sugar 50 g
Lime puree 25 g
Gelatin mass (fish) 14 g
Strawberry confit 250 g
Strawberry brunoise 125 g

Alexis Beaufils tartelette fraise

Sweetened strawberry puree

The Andros Chef frozen strawberry puree is a blend of 3 varieties with Senga sengana. Its flavour is intense and gives an excellent balance taste to our blend. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Basque pastry

    Beat the egg yolks, caster sugar and salt until pale. Stir in the softened butter, lemon zest and vanilla. Scrape down and add the sifted flour and baking powder. Roll out to 6 mm. Cut out and bake at 170°C for 12 minutes.

  2. Vanilla Chantilly cream

    Bring the milk and sugar to the boil. Add the scraped vanilla pod and infuse in the milk for 20 minutes. Strain and bring to the boil. Add the gelatine mass and pour over the mascarpone. Blend while adding the cold cream.

  3. Pastry cream base

    Infuse the vanilla pod for 10 minutes in the liquids that have been brought to the boil with the first part of the sugar. Beat the egg yolks, the second part of the sugar, the powdered pastry cream and the flour. Remove the vanilla pod and cook the pastry cream for 2 minutes at boiling point. Add the butter and smooth out. Remove to a cling film covered baking tray and cool quickly.

  4. Almond butter

    All the ingredients must be tempered and the butter must be softened. Cream all the ingredients using the paddle attachment. Set aside for assembly.

  5. Strawberry confit

    Heat the strawberry purée and the frozen strawberries to 40°C and then add the sugar that has been mixed with the pectin and agar-agar. Bring the mixture to the boil for 1 minute, then add the gelatine mass and the lime purée. Leave to cool to 4°C and then blend. Make the mixture with the strawberry brunoise.

  6. Assembly

    Bake the Basque pastry in the moulds coated with butter and brown sugar. Once cooked and cold, sprinkle the pastry with snow sugar and make a strip of almond butter. Pipe spheres of Chantilly cream on the outside and then fill the inside with the strawberry confit mixture. Add the fresh strawberries.

  7. Finish

    Decorate with daisy petals, atsina cress and wild strawberries.

Processus :

Basque pastry 35 g
Almond butter 13 g
Strawberry marmalade 12 g
Light vanilla cream 27 g
Fresh strawberries 3 cut in half

Wild strawberry tartlet Alexis beaufils

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