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Exotic yule log passion fruit, mango, pineapple insert

A creation of Christophe Rhedon

Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Pastry and previously of the revered Maison Lenôtre, Christophe knows his way around original, sweet creations.


4 bûches for 8 people

Dacquoise coco

400 g Egg whites
85 g Sugar
80 g Almond powder
360 g Icing sugar
240 g Grated coconut
10 g Starch

Italian meringue

60 g Water
150 g Sugar
50 g Sugar
100 g Egg whites

Exotic mousse

500 g Coco puree 
250 g Pineapple puree 
40 g Lime puree
18 g Gelatine powder
90 g Water
250 g Italian meringue
600 g Cream (35% fat)

Exotic insert

400 g Pineapple high fruit compote 
400 g Mango high fruit compote
200 g Passion high fruit compote 
2 Vanilla pods
100 g Sugar
28 g Pectin NH
16 g Lemon juice

Coconut marshamallow

10 g Gelatine powder
40 g Water
60 g Coco puree 
40 g Water
90 g Sugar
40 g Glucose
50 g Inverted sugar
50 g Inverted sugar

Neutral glaze

200 g Water
12 g Caster sugar
6 g Pectin NH (with sucrose)
6 g Lemon juice

Passion high fruit compote

Our high passion fruit contains seeds they are lightly cooked for an almost homemade compote finish. Made from 80% purple passion fruit, they are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. A high fruit compote delicately sweetened for accompaniment for any dessert. Packed in 1kg flexible bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Coconut dacquoise

    Whip egg whites until reach stiff peaks with sugar. Gently add all powder previously mixed together. Spread at 1,5 cm thickness in a square mould of 37 cm and 4 cm height. Sprinkle two times with icing sugar. Bake 20 minutes at 170°C.

  2. Italian meringue

    Heat up water to 124°C and combine with 150 g of sugar. Whip egg whites with 50 g of sugar until soft peaks form. Drizzle the hot sugar into the egg whites. Turn the whisk up to medium speed and whisk until cooled to 40°C. Set aside in a freezer covered with a cling film.

  3. Exotic mousse

    Bring to a boil pineapple and lime puree. Add soaked gelaine. Add the cool coco puree to cool down the mixture at 22°C. Whip the cream and mix with italian meringue. Add the cream/meringue to the first mix.

  4. Exotic insert

    Warm 1/3 of high fruit compotes weight at 40°C and add the sugar/pectin mix. Cook for 1 minute. Off the heat, add the high fruit compote left with lemon juice. Homogenize with a maryse and pour in a 27x37cm square mould.

  5. Coconut marshamallow

    Soak the gelatine with 40 g of water. Blend with coco puree. Cook at 110°C water, sugar, glucose and 50 g of inverted sugar. Add gelatin/coco mix. Pour the mixture on the inverted sugar left in the mixing bowl. Mix until obtain expected consistency. Pipe in 4 cm diameter disks lightly greased. Cover the marshamallow disk with grated coconut. After cooling, unmould and place on the bûche.

  6. Neutral glaze

    Heat up water to 45°C and add sugar/pectin mix. Bring to a boil. Add lemon juice and bring to a boil again. Blend then set aside and skim. Use at 70°C with a spray. Spray on the bûches.

  7. Assembly

    Spread an exotic mousse layer over the cooled dacquoise. Place the insert. Spread an other layer of exotic mousse and smooth the top at frame height. Divide the frame in 4 stripes. Spread a neutral glaze and add white chocolate decorations and coconut marshamallows. For the bûche on the picture: 16 little round and curved moulds have been piped with a dacquoise and exotic mousse.

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