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Mango and passion fruit babas

A creation of Johanna Le Pape

 She is a pastry chef and world champion of “les arts sucrés” with past experience at the likes of Laduree and Alain Ducasse. Johanna believes in top-of-the-line pastry that is healthy, balanced, and light.


5 entremets

Baba dough

36 g AP flour
1,6 g Baker’s yeast
1,8 g Water
1,3 g Honey
0,3 g Salt
13 g Butter
45 g Eggs

Exotic syrup baba

100 g Passion fruit puree
100 g Lime juice
1 Lime zests
500 g Water
200 g Apple juice

Exotic confit

100 g Mango high fruit compote
50 g Passion fruit high fruit compote 
7 g Lime juice
1/2 Lime zests
5 g Whole cane sugar
1 g Alginate

Exotic jelly

36 g Mango puree 
1,6 g Passion fruit puree 
1,8 g Brown sugar
1,3 g Water
0,3 g Gelatine mass

Stabilised coconut chantilly

300 g 35% fat cream
130 g Coconut puree 
25 g Gelatine mass
40 g Light brown sugar

Neutral glaze

1 000 g Water
100 g Gelatine mass
100 g Caster sugar

Turmeric coating

250 g Cocoa butter
250 g Almond puree
3 g Turmeric

Passion high fruit compote

Our high passion fruit contains seeds they are lightly cooked for an almost homemade compote finish. Made from 80% purple passion fruit, they are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. A high fruit compote delicately sweetened for accompaniment for any dessert. Packed in 1kg flexible bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Baba dough

    In the mixer’s bowl, mix the yeast, water and honey with the robot sheet. Add the flour, butter, salt and half of the eggs. Knead on the first speed setting until the dough is smooth, glossy and comes away from the bowl. Add the remaining eggs in 2 or 3 stages and knead until the dough is elastic and comes away from the bowl. Lightly grease the moulds and weigh out 15 g per mould. Leave to rise for 1 hour at 28-30°C. Bake for 10 minutes at 180°C.

  2. Exotic baba syrup

    Heat the water with the apple juice, then add the lemon juice and the passion fruit puree as well as the lime zest. Soak the baba at 40°C.

  3. Exotic confit

    Blend all the ingredients except the passion fruit, then add it and mix using a whisk to keep the seeds. Poach 15 g into each finger mould, then place the soaked baba on top. Leave to set in the freezer.

  4. Exotic jelly

    Heat the passion fruit with the water. Add the mango and bring to a simmer.Off heat, add the gelatine mass. Pour into a Flexipan® to a thickness of 3 mm and place in the fridge to set. Once set, cut the jelly into 12 x 0.5 cm strips and place in the bottom of the finger moulds.

  5. Coconut jelly chantilly

    Heat the cream with the coconut puree and the sugar. Off heat, add the gelatine mass. Mix, strain and leave to rest for 24 hours before whipping to obtain a supple texture.

  6. Neutral glaze

    Heat the water and sugar to 104°C, then off heat, add the gelatine. Use hot.

  7. Turmeric coating

    Melt the cocoa butter, add the almond puree and blend with the turmeric. Use hot to coat the desserts.

  8. Assembly

    Once soaked, cut the babas at 2 cm high. Poach the confit to 15 g into each finger mould, then place the babas on top and put in the freezer. Place the exotic jelly strips in the bottom of the finger moulds, correctly centred. Poach the chantilly on top and line the edges. Place the insert so as to smooth it over the baba. Place in the freezer to set. Glaze the frozen dessert on a wire rack, smooth well the excess, then put back in the fridge. Soak the base of the dessert into the glazing and turn it to reveal the drippings. Scrape the excess off the bottom and place on a stand. Poach the rest of the Chantilly using a thin St. Honoré nozzle and decorate with fresh mango slices.

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