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Elegance Rhubarb compote and lychee mousse

A creation of Keiko Nagae

Keiko Nagae started working in the famous Parisian pastry shop Ladurée. Then she has been pastry chef at la Table du Lancaster with Michel Troisgros. In 2002, she collaborated with Pierre Gagnaire at the opening of the Sketch restaurant in London.

Upon her return to France, she started her own company – AROME, which deals with consulting in pastry, training chefs, creating recipes and organizing the opening of pastry shops.


Chiffon cake with raspberry

110 g Egg whites
55 g Sugar
5 g Starch
40 g Egg yolks
15 g Lukewarm water
40 g Vegetable oil
50 g Raspberry puree 
3 g Lemon juice
55 g Flour
12 g Sugar


60 g Water
15 g Sugar
15 g 100% Lychee puree
15 g Lychee liqueur

Jellied rhubarb compote

700 g Rhubarb high fruit compote 
10 g Gold gelatin (200 blooms)

Jellied lychee

100 g 100% Lychee puree 
10 g Lychee liqueur
4 g Lemon juice
2,5 g Gelatin

Lychee mousse

250 g 100% Lychee puree
200 g Whipped cream
30 g Lychee liqueur
8 g Gelatin
85 g Less sweet Italian meringue

Breton shortbread

82 g Semi-salted butter
27 g Icing sugar
5 g Egg yolks
75 g Flour
15 g Cornstarch

Rhubarb poached with pomegranate

200 g Water
40 g Sugar
50 g 100% Pomegranate puree 
250 g Rhubarb stalks

Rhubarb poached with vanilla

200 g Water
50 g Sugar
1/2 Vanilla bean
1/6 Orange (sliced zest)
250 g Rhubarb stalks

Lychee topping

150 g Water
75 g Sugar
6 g NH pectin
10 g Lemon juice
20 g Lychee liqueur

Rhubarb high fruit compote

How can we describe our frozen rhubarb compote? Well, it’s a true blockbuster dating back from the original assortment. This compote is much appreciated, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries and in northern Europe. It has a beautiful green colour; very compact consistance mixing soft chunks and fibers; pleasant balance between sugar, tartness and astringency. Compote made of 100% green rhubarb , part of our integrated sourcing program in Poland. Packed in 1kg bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Chiffon cake with raspberry

    Whip the egg whites, tighten with 1/2 the sugar, then the rest of sugar + starch. In a bowl, mix the yolks, water, oil, mash, lemon juice. Mix well with the whisk in always stirring in the same direction in order to create a emulsion. Add the flour, mix to the same way until the dough becomes slightly elastic. Add the sugar, mix until dissolution. Gently fold in the meringue. Roll out to 5mm, bake at 170 ° C for 15min. Leave to cool.

  2. Syrup

    Make the syrup with the water and sugar. Out of fire, add the puree and liqueur. Set aside.

  3. Jellied rhubarb compote

    Melt the softened gelatin, mix with the compote. Mold 40g of jellied compote in a Ø6cm circle. 20g of compote in a Ø5cm Flexipan mold. Freeze.

  4. Jellied lychee

    Melt the gelatin with a little mash. Mix with the alcohol (liqueur), lemon juice, then the rest of the puree.

  5. Lychee mousse

    Melt the gelatin with a little puree. Add the liqueur and the rest of the puree. Pour over half of the whipped cream while mixing with a whisk, then gently mix the less sweet Italian meringue. Incorporate the rest of the whipped cream.

  6. Breton shortbread

    Soften the butter, mix the icing sugar, egg yolk. Add the flour and cornstarch. Film and let rest in the refrigerator. Roll out to 2mm, detail Ø8cm. Bake at 150°C for 15-20 min.

  7. Rhubarb poached with pomegranate

    Peel the rhubarb stalks. Part, slice to 1mm thick using a Japanese mandorine. Cut the rest of the stems into 5cm sections. Make the syrup with the rest of the ingredients, bring to boiling. Pour over 2 preparations of rhubarb (separately) wrap and let cool. Set aside.

  8. Rhubarb poached with vanilla

    Prepare the same way as the recipe above.

  9. Dried rhubarb slices

    Drain the pomegranate poached rhubarb slices, cut. Store on the baking sheet, dry at 80°C. Set aside.

  10. Lychee topping

    In a saucepan, heat the water, add the mixture of sugar / pectin at 40°C in rain, bring to the boil. Add the lemon juice, boil again. Off the heat, add the liqueur. Cool.

  11. Assembly

    Prepare the insert: In a circle of Ø6cm, pour 40g of compote of rhubarb. Freeze. Pour 10g of the lychee jelly above, freeze. Unmold. At the same time, garnish with 20 g of rhubarb compote in a flexipan Ø 5cm, H: 1cm. Freeze. In circles Ø7.5cm / H: 3cm, poach the mousse lychee, insert the rhubarb compote / frozen lychee jelly. Run the lychee mousse, place the biscuit previously detailed raspberry chiffon Ø7cm / 5mm thick, then soaked. Smooth over, freeze. Unmold, glaze with lychee glaze, place on the Breton shortbread with white chocolate. Surround the mousse with a strip of rhubarb grenade of 2cm x 25cm. Glaze the rhubarb compote Ø5cm / H: 1cm lychee glaze, place on a rag biscuit Ø5cm / 3mm thick. Surround the compote with a strip of rhubarb vanilla of 1cm x 16.5cm. Then place on the cake. Place the pomegranate poached rhubarb pieces / with vanilla around harmoniously. Place a few basil flowers, a slice of dried rhubarb.

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