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Verrine strawberry lavender Chantilly creamcheese lavande, Compoté fraise gélifié, Meringue, Sablé

A creation of Joaquin Soriano

He is Head chef of the CJSJ pastry shop in Taïwan who has worked for many years in Michelin restaurants. He has experiences in Le Meurice, Alléno Yannick, and Alain Ducasse in Paris, Grand Hôtel - Park 45 in Cannes, and Relais Dessert Pastry Shop "Luc Guillet".



Creamcheese 215g
Whole milk 3,6%fat 165g
Hydration water 25g
Gelatin powder 200Bloom 5g
Lavender leaves 8g
Icing sugar 45g
Cream 35%fat 430g


High Fruit Compote Strawberry 1 130g
Citric acid 24g
Granulated sugar 520g
Gelatin powder 200Bloom 45g
Hydration water 225g


Fresh eggs white 101g
Granulated sugar 79g
Icing sugar 65g
Rice flour 7g
Cornstarch 8g


Egg yolk 53g
Granulated sugar 114g
PDO butter 82%fat 267g
Cassonade 150g
Salt 5g
White almond powder 91g
Flour T65 10,5%protein 317g
Baking powder 13,2g


Rice 146g
Whole milk 3,6%fat 969,3g
Granulated sugar 59,3g
Vanilla pod 1 pc

winter recipe by Joaquin Soriano

Strawberry high fruit compote

Andros Chef’s strawberry frozen high fruit compote is a Camarosa strawberry variety with a brilliant red colour. The compote is lightly sweetened with large strawberry chunks which pairs perfectly in entremets, tarts or for topping in spring verrines and savoury sorbets. Packed in 1kg bag.

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Preparation steps


    Heat the milk to melt the cream cheese and emulsify it with a hand blender. Add the lavender leaves and let it infuse 20 min. Strain it and add the icing sugar and the cold cream. Emulsify with a hand blender and let it rest minimum 4 hrs before using.


    Heat half of the compote to 40°C to melt the citric acid and sugar, then add the gelatin mass. Let it melt, then pour into the snowball.


    Beat the egg white without sugar to devellop the volume of it, then pour slowly the sugar to fix the texture. Meanwhile, sieve the powders together. When your meringue reach the requested texture, add carefully the dry extract with a rubber spatula. When the mass is homogenous, use it. Dry in a convection oven 70°c 6 hours.

  4. SABLÉ

    With a whip attachment, beat the egg yolk with the sugar. Realize a soft butter. Change the whip for the paddle attachment and add the soften butter, salt, cassonade and almond powder and stir slowly. Add the flour and the baking powder, then stir. On a baking tray, bake it 170°c 15 minutes in a convection oven.


    Into a pot, bring to boil the water and the rice during three minutes. Strain it and cook it with the sugar, milk and vanilla. Reduce the mass to simmering, then let it cooled down in chiller +4°c.


    Into a snowball glass 100Ømm, place the rice pudding an let it cold down, then pour in an alternating manner compoté, the Chantilly, then repeat the step without forgetting to let it set in chiller between each step. Proceed to the meringue and pipe it as a snowman. Realize some Christmas tree with chocolate or sugar. Sprinkle sablé on the top of the petit gateau and place it into the plastic snowball.

winter recipe dessert

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