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Seed crackers with quince jelly, pear and tête de moine cheese

A creation of Florence Lesage

World pastry-confectioner vice-champion, silver medallist of the final competition Worldskills in 2015 in São Paulo. Florence Lesage was pastry chef in The Westin hotel Paris-Vendôme and won The International Confectionary Art Competition in 2022 alongside Alexis Beaufils.


Seed crackers

115 g Water
70 g Olive oil
30 g White sesame
25 g Oat flakes
125 g Rye flour
30 g Marrow seeds
50 g Sunflower seeds
6 g Yeast
2 g Salt

Quince jelly

500 g Quince puree
50 g Caster sugar
56 g Gelatine mass (8 g gelatine + 48 g water)

Pear compote

375 g Williams pear high fruit compote
16 g Caster sugar
16 g Caster sugar
2,7 g Pectin NH
15 g Lemon puree
23 g Gelatine mass


Qs Tête de moine cheese
Qs Fresh pears

Williams pear high fruit compote

Containing large chunks and with a slightly sweetened taste, the Andros Chef frozen Williams pear high fruit compote is a unique product. It offers a grainy texture typical of pear consistency with a natural pear taste without any flavors added. It’s perfect for pastry inserts or used as is in verrines. The Williams pear compote is made with 100% Williams pear from our Andros Spain factory. Packed in 1kg bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Seed crackers

    Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Roll out to a thickness of 2 mm. Cut into the desired shape. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C.

  2. Quince jelly

    Heat the puree to below boiling. Add the sugar. Add the gelatine mass. Take moulds measuring 7 cm in diameter and pour 15 g of the mixture into each.

  3. Pear compote

    Place the pear high fruit compote in a pan with the 16 g of sugar. Stew for a few minutes. Then pour in the rest of the caster sugar mixed with the NH pectin. Bring to the boil. Add the lemon purée and gelatine. Take flattened half-sphere moulds and pour 8 g of mixture into each. Freeze.

  4. Assembly

    Using a cookie cutter to ensure that the quince jelly is of a smaller size than the crackers, place the quince jelly on top of the crackers. Place the pear compote in the centre of the quince jelly. Make Tête de Moine rosettes and arrange them harmoniously on top of the fruit preparations. Decorate with fresh pear segments.

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