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The orchard tartlet


Yogurt whipped cream

225 g Liquid cream
25 g Whole milk
75 g Greek yogurt
25 g Heavy cream
10 g Caster sugar
2 g Vanilla pods
30 g Gelatin mass
40 g Mascarpone

Lemon yuzu marinade

1000 g Water
250 g Caster sugar
110 g Lime puree 
110 g Yuzu puree 

Apple jelly

200 g Granny apple juice
10 g Lime puree 
5 g Caster sugar
2 g Agar-agar

Lemon jelly

150 g Lemon puree 
50 g Caster sugar
2 g Agar-agar

Herbal jelly

200 g Water
5 g Lemon puree
50 g Caster sugar
3 g Agar-agar
3 g Mint leaves
2 g Pineapple sage plant
2 g Coriander sprigs
22 g Green chartreuse

Jelly set

140 g Apple jelly
48 g Lemon jelly
160 g Herbal jelly

Pear ginger seasonal

300 g Williams pear high fruit compote
2 g Grated ginger
100 g Diced apples
1 g Chiseled coriander


15 g Sweet dough
20 g Lemon madeleine cookie
20 g Yogurt whipped cream
25 g Pear ginger seasonal
5 g Herbal jelly
Sq Lemon marinade

Williams pear high fruit compote

Containing large chunks and with a slightly sweetened taste, the Andros Chef frozen Williams pear high fruit compote is a unique product. It offers a grainy texture typical of pear consistency with a natural pear taste without any flavors added. It’s perfect for pastry inserts or used as is in verrines. The Williams pear compote is made with 100% Williams pear from our Andros Spain factory. Packed in 1kg bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Yogurt whipped cream

    Heat the milk, sugar, vanilla and infuse for 10 minutes. Sieve and add the gelatin mass. Pour over the remaining ingredients. Blend, whip on low speed with an eletric mixer before using.

  2. Lemon madeleine

    Mix on speed 2 the first ingredients part. Add the sifted flour and yeast. Add by 3 times the hot butter. Fill each tartlet with 20 g of the batter.

  3. Lemon yuzu marinade

    Heat ingredients at 40°C. Plunge the apple slices into the mixture for 2 hours at least to soften the flesh.

  4. Apple jelly

    Squeeze apples and directly mix with lime puree to avoid oxidisation. Add sugar, agar-agar and bring to a boil. Rapidly cool down.

  5. Lemon jelly

    Heat lemon puree to 40°C and add the sugar and agar-agar mix. Bring to a boil and rapidly cool down.

  6. Herbal jelly

    Heat water with lemon puree to 50°C. Add sugar and agar-agar mix and bring to a boil. Rapidly cool down. Blend once cold with the herbs and chartreuse.

  7. Jelly set

    Mix all jelly together, blend with a Thermomix until a smoothy and shiny jelly is obtained.

  8. Pear ginger seasonal

    Dice the granny and Pink Lady® apples. Add all ingredients and gently mix.

  9. Assembly

    Shape the pastry dough in calisson form, pre-bake at 160°C for 12 minutes. Fill the dough with a layer of lemon madeleine and bake at 150°C for 8 minutes. Spread the pear ginger seasonal and smooth the top with yogurt whipped cream. Make apple stripes with a rotative peel (Shiba) and marinate in lemon yuzu marinade for 30 minutes. Cut out stripes of 1,5 cm by 15 cm and place on the tartlet.

Processus :

Allergens: nuts, lactose

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