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Chestnut blueberry verrine Mont Blanc

A creation of Anne Fashauer

Anne is Pastry chef and professional flavors matchmaker. She knows exactly how to sublimate each recipes using Andros Chef ingredients. Graduated with Marketing degree and Pastry formation, she proposes training course and collaboration with professionals.


6 verrines

Chestnut ganache

80 g Liquid cream
10 g Inverted sugar
55 g Chestnut cream
70 g Chestnut puree
155 g Liquid cream
85 g White chocolate

Meringue française

150 g Egg whites
150 g Caster sugar
150 g Icing sugar

Blueberry high fruit compote

The blueberry high fruit compote Andros Chef contains wild berries from our integrated sourcing program in Poland. A natural product unique on the market, without any colouring or flavouring added. Pairing perfectfly in verrines as an accompaniment and as gelified inserts thanks to its natural taste. Packed in 1kg flexible bag.

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Preparation steps


    Heat the first liquid cream with inverted sugar and chestnut cream. Pour on melted chocolate by thirds and emulsify. Add the second liquid cream and chestnut puree. Mix until an homogenous texture is obtained. Keep in the refrigerator for 3 hours at least before whipping.


    Whip the egg whites with an electric whisk on medium speed. Add the sugar by thirds until you reach soft peaks. Add icing sugar to stiff. Pipe meringues with a fluted tip. Bake at 110°C for 1 to 2 hours (depending meringue’s dimensions). Keep in the oven or in a dry box before use.


    In each verrine, spoon 40 g of blueberry high fruit compote. Place a meringue. Pipe the chestnut ganache with a fluted tip. Sprinkle some meringue pieces and a blueberry half.

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