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Tartlet Calisson orange confit

A creation of Loïc Béziat

Loïc is a world champion in the “Arts Sucrés.” He won the top prize in 2018, along with his colleague Marie Simon. With his twin brother Cédric, who is a baker, he runs Maison Béziat Frères in Cahors, a bakery they’ve just expanded.


15 tartlets

Sweet dough

215 g Flour
2 g Salt
26 g Almond powder
86 g Icing sugar
129 g Butter
43 g Eggs

Orange almond cream

116 g Butter
116 g Brown sugar
116 g Almond powder
35 g Confit of orange zests 
116 g Eggs
1 g Vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea

Orange confit

218 g Sweet orange puree 
54 g Confit of orange zests
19 g Caster sugar
8 g Pectin NH
1 g Vanilla pod from Papua New Guinea

Mascarpone whipped cream

66 g Cooking cream
29 g Caster sugar
2 g Gelatin 200 BLOOM
12 g Water
36 g Mascarpone
1 g Vanilla pod
153 g Cooking cream

Confit of orange zests

Confit of orange zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps


    Mix coarsely flour, salt and butter. Add almond powder, icing sugar and eggs. Mix. Shape in a cylinder form and allow to cool down. Spread.


    Melt the butter, add all ingredients, whip with an electric whisk.


    Mix sugar and pectin. Add the mix to the puree and confit of orange zests with vanilla. Bring to a boil, coarsely mix, pour.


    Bring the cream, sugar, vanilla to a boil. Add gelatine and mascarpone. Blend. Add the second portion of cream. Blend. Cool down for 24h. Whip and use.

Processus :

Sweet dough 500 g
Orange almond cream 500 g
Orange confit 300 g
Mascarpone whipped cream 300 g

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