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Mandarin puff pastry

A creation of Cédric Béziat

Champion baker at the "Meilleurs Jeunes Boulangers" in 2011, he also co-foundated the bakery pastry shop Béziat Frères in Cahors (France).


Creamy mandarin

400 g Milk
300 g Liquid cream 35 % fat
300 g Confit of mandarin zests 
90 g Cornstarch
90 g Sugar
150 g Egg

Puff pastry

1000 g All-purpose flour
20 g Salt
150 g Icing sugar
200 g Soft butter
600 g Water
750 g Butter layer

Confit of mandarin zests

Confit of mandarin zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps

  1. Creamy mandarin

    Bring to a boil the milk, cream and confit of mandarin zests. Add sugar, cornstarch and eggs previously mixed. Cook until boil. Set aside in a gastronorm pan stainless.

  2. Turning

    Knead on low speed for 7 min. Shape a ball. Rising process: 24 hours at 3°C. Turn: enclose the butter and fold with 2 double turns. Rising process: 24 hours at 3°C. Turn: 2 double turns. Rising process: 24 hours at 3°C. Spread at 3 mm thickness. Shape: cut out 2 oval shapes with a pastry cutter. Filling: fill one of the two dough with creamy mandarin. Shaping: brush water on edges of the second pastry and place over the filled dough and seal edges. Brush with egg wash. Refrigerate for 3 hours at 3°C. Brush again with egg wash. Finishing: draw lines with a paring knife. Rising process: 24 hours at 3°C. Baking process: 20 minutes at 150°C then 20 minutes at 170°C in a ventilated oven. Finishing: drizzle with a syrup at 30°C over the pastries right out of oven. Chill on shelf.

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