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Citrus cookie

A creation of Rémi Bouiller

Rémi is a young veteran of the Paris pastry scene, he offers modern and refined desserts at Kreme Salon de Thé in Paris. His love for natural products makes him an ideal Andros Chef's collaborator. He has taking part of the amazing serie “Best professional pastry chefs'' on M6 network’s.


40 cookies

Cookie dough

340 g Butter
724 g Brown sugar
14 g Salt
10 g Potato starch
200 g Eggs
667 g Flour
40 g Baking powder

Bergamot coulis

250 g Bergamot puree 
16 g Sugar



600 g Confit of mandarin zests
300 g Chocolate decoration

Confit of mandarin zests

Confit of mandarin zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps

  1. Cookie dough

    Mix the butter, brown sugar with the dough hook attachment. Once a creamy dough is obtained add the eggs and mix with the flour, salt and baking powder. Shape in balls of 45g and bake at 165°C for 8 minutes.

  2. Bergamot coulis

    Heat half of the bergamot puree, mix the remaining puree with starch and sugar. Bring to a boil and add the mix puree/starch/sugar. Cook until thickening.

  3. Assembly

    Spread a layer of confit of mandarin zests on the cooled cookie. Spread the bergamot coulis and put a chocolate decoration disk then melt it.

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