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Lima yule log mandarin & orange

A creation of Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils, current Pastry Sous-Chef at the Bristol Paris, he is graduated from Versailles CFA and has done its beginnings at Dalloyau as apprentice then Sous Chef Junior with Yann Brys. He also has been pastry Sous Chef at Pavillon Ledoyen and Mandarin Oriental Paris.


1 yule log

Pecan praline

400 g Pecans
266 g Caster sugar

Cocoa streusel & pecans

100 g Butter
50 g Golden caster sugar
50 g Soft brown sugar
120 g Pecans
10 g Cocoa powder
120 g Flour

Chocolate crispy

200 g Cocoa streusel & pecans
100 g Chocolate chips (63 %)
100 g Caramelised pecan chips
50 g Fruit paste cubes
2 g Mandarin zests
268 g Pecan’s praline
2 g Fleur de sel

Moist chocolate biscuit (2 biscuits)

195 g Egg yolks
32 g Milk
57 g Caster sugar (1)
15 g Honey
70 g Rapeseed oil

107 g All-purpose flour
40 g Cocoa powder
335 g Egg whites
152 g Caster sugar (2)

Confit of mandarin zests

400 g Confit of mandarin zests 
600 g Sweet orange puree 
160 g Sugar
10g Pectin Nh
48 g Dextrose
7 g Agar
1 pc Star anise
1 g Cumeo pepper
1 Cinnamon stick
15 g Gelatin mass (fish)

Chocolate mousse

300 g Milk
100 g Egg yolks
60 g Caster sugar
320 g Chocolate 63%
16 g Cocoa paste
460 g Liquid cream

Whipped chocolate ganache

325 g Liquid cream 1
35 g Gelatin mass (fish)
145 g Chocolate 63%
325 g Liquid cream 2

Fruit paste mandarin/orange

150 g Sweet orange puree 
350 g Mandarin puree
100 g Caster sugar 1
15 g Yellow pectin
400 g Caster sugar 2
150 g Glucose
9 g Tartaric mixture

Chocolate glaze

125 g Water
300 g Caster sugar
300 g Glucose
200 g Unsweetened condensed milk
300 g 70% chocolate couverture
120 g Gelatin mass (fish)
Sq Natural coloring orange

Confit of mandarin zests

Confit of mandarin zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps

  1. Pecan praline

    Roast the pecans for 25 min at 140°C in a ventilated oven. In the same time, caramelised the caster sugar using the dry method. Pour the roasted pecans in the caramel and spread on a baking sheet. After the mixture has cooled down, coarsely grind and separate the pecans. With the remaining mixture, cook the praline.

  2. Cocoa streusel & pecans

    Coarsely grind pecans. Combine with all ingredients, then sieve. Spread on a baking sheet. Bake for 25 minutes at 140°C in a ventilated oven.

  3. Chocolate crispy

    Soflty combine chocolate chips, pecans and streusel with the praline. Spread some fleur de sel and mandarin zests. Spread using a pastry comb at 8mm thickness.

  4. Moist chocolate biscuit

    Using an electric whisk, mix together egg yolks, milk, sugar (1) and honey. Add the oil slowly then add the flour. Whip the egg whites with sugar (2). Combine the 2 mixtures. Using a raplette dough spreader, spread at 5mm thickness. Bake at 160°C for 9 minutes.

  5. Confit of mandarin zests

    Heat the orange puree at 80°C and infuse spices for 10 min. Sieve and pour on confit of mandarin. At 40°C, add sugar, pectin, dextrose and agar previously mixed together. Bring to a boil for 2 min. Add the gelatin mass and allow to cool down at 4°C. Homogenize with a whip then spread on the biscuit.

  6. Chocolate mousse

    Heat the milk, add the yolks mixed with sugar. Cook until 85°C is obtained. Pour on the chocolate, mix. Cool down at 30°C and add the whipped cream.

  7. Whipped chocolate ganache

    Heat the cream 1 then pour on chocolate melted. Add the soaked gelatin. Add the cream 2 stirring continuously. Use after 3-5 hours.

  8. Fruit paste mandarin/orange

    In a sauce pan, heat the orange and mandarin purees at 40°C. Add the sugar 1 previously mixed with pectin. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Slowly add the sugar 2. When sugar is completely dissolved, add glucose. Cook at 75° brix or 107°C. Add the tartaric mixture (50% hot water and 50% tartaric acid).

  9. Chocolate glaze

    Heat water with sugar, glucose at 106°C. Off the heat, add condensed milk and bring to a boil. Pour on the chocolate couverture previously melted and coloured in orange. Add the gelatin, mix and allow to cool down. Use at 30°C.

  10. Decoration

    Cut the buche at 18cm length. Place squares -9,5cm by 8cm- of dark chocolate on the edges. Place a dark chocolate stripe -3cm by 18cm- and pipe chocolate ganache, chocolate chips, fruit pastes and fresh mandarins.

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