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Reinvented calisson

A creation of Edouard Morand

Edouard is Chef Chocolatier & Pastry Chef who has been finalist of the contest of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) chocolatier-confiseur in 2015.


Recipe for a frame of 60 by 40 cm and 8 mm thickness


200 g Sweet orange puree 
200 g Mandarin puree 
100 g Lemon puree
250 g Sucrose
50 g Dextrose
50 g Glucose syrup
10 g Yellow pectin
20 g Cointreau®


840 g Sucrose
600 g Kumquat puree 
210 g Glucose syrup powder
150 g Water
2 630 g Freshly trimmed almonds
700 g Confit of orange zests 
800 g Confit of mandarin zests 


50 g Liquid egg whites
250 g Icing sugar
25 g Thick glucose syrup DE60
5 g Lemon puree

Confit of mandarin zests

Confit of mandarin zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps


    Heat fruit purees and pour in rain over the pectin previously mixed with 50g of sugar. Mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil, add the remaining sugar in three times. Cook at 73° brix. Allow to cool down. At 70°C, add the Cointreau® and mix with a food processor. Set aside.


    Blend the almond with confit of citrus zests. Cook a sugar syrup with sucrose, kumquat puree and glucose syrup. Heat until 114°C is obtained and directly pour over the almond and confit mix. Mix. Scrape and mix the calisson dough until 85°C is obtained. Set in 2 frame of 1 cm thickness of 60 by 40 cm. Roll out between two acetate sheets.


    Spread a layer of confit of mandarin zests on one of the two rolled-out pastry with an angled spatula. Place the second rolled-out pastry over. Freeze at -17°C for at least 1 hour.


    Make the royal icing with an electric mixer. Whip all ingredients together excepted the lemon puree and glucose syrup. Once the royal icing is stiff, add the lemon puree and glucose syrup melted. With an angled spatula, spread the royal icing at 2 mm thickness on the calisson. Cut out with a guitar cutter stripe shapes of 15 mm and cut out rectangles of 6 cm. Place the calissons on a silpat sheet in a tray and cook at 240°C for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Allow to cool down and conserve them at 17°C and 60% humidity at the most.

Processus :

Shelf life : 16 weeks at 17°C and 60% humidity at the most.

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