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Chocolate ganache with mandarin

A creation of Edouard Morand

Edouard is Chef Chocolatier & Pastry Chef who has been finalist of the contest of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) chocolatier-confiseur in 2015.


Recipe for a frame of 60 by 40 cm and 8 mm thickness

Mandarin ganache

915 g Mandarin puree 
50 g Confit of mandarin zests 
85 g Lemon puree
65 g Sorbitol
600 g Butter 82% fat
160 g Inverted sugar syrup
1800 g Chocolate for ganache 50%
800 g Dark chocolate couverture 60%

Mandarin confit

425 g Confit of mandarin zests 
80 g Mandarin puree 
100 g Sugar
50 g Glucose syrup
8 g Yellow pectin


10 g Bronze sprinkle
100 g Alcohol 60°C
5 g Water-soluble orange coloring, natural

Confit of mandarin zests

Confit of mandarin zests with a thick texture, easy to dose with spoon. Packed in 500 g oxygen-barrier pouches.

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Preparation steps

  1. Bottom a thin layer of dark chocolate couverture on an acetate sheet in a frame of 8 mm thickness and 60 cm by 40 cm.

  2. Mandarin ganache

    Bring to a boil mandarin puree with sorbitol, lemon, inverted sugar, confit of mandarin zests and butter pour on the chocolate through a sieve. Emulsify with an electric mixer. Set aside. Pour the dark chocolate ganache at 32°C. Let crystallise for 12h at 17°C and 60% humidity at the most.

  3. Mandarin confit

    Heat the confit of mandarin zests with puree. Gradually add one part of the sugar and pectin mix. Bring to a boil. Add the remaining sugar continuously boiling and cook at 73° brix. Blend.

  4. Finishing

    Once the ganache has crystallised, put the confit on 2 mm thickness. Remove the ganache from the frame. Pre-bottom with a thin layer of dark chocolate and cut out with a guitar cutter square shapes of 30 mm by 20 mm. Separate the squares and keep aside at 22°C. Crystallise the dark chocolate couverture 60%. Cover the square with chocolate and place an orange decoration. Allow to crystallise for 12h at 17°C and 60% humidity at the most.

Processus :

Shelf life : 8 weeks between 17 to 20°C at most and 60%
humidity at the most.
Tasting temperature: 22°C.

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