Kouglof brioche

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Kouglof brioche with semi-candied cranberries

A creation of Keiko Nagae

Keiko Nagae started working in the famous Parisian pastry shop Ladurée. Then she has been pastry chef at la Table du Lancaster with Michel Troisgros. In 2002, she collaborated with Pierre Gagnaire at the opening of the Sketch restaurant in London.

Upon her return to France, she started her own company – AROME, which deals with consulting in pastry, training chefs, creating recipes and organizing the opening of pastry shops.



100 g Flour T45
20 g Yeast of baker
60 g Milk


500 g Whole wheat flour
10 g Salt
80 g Sugar
300 g Milk
100 g Eggs
160 g Butter

FILLING (per Kouglof)

50g Semi-candied cranberries Andros Chef

15g Goji
45g Dried grapes
Sq Almonds


50 cl Water
667 g Sugar
67 g Almond powder
Sq Orange blossom extract
45 g Grand Marnier
15 cl Orange blossom water

Semi-candied cranberries

Andros Chef frozen semi-candied cranberries are an exclusive Andros Chef product. Fruits are drained, very lightly candied at only 20° Brix and individually frozen without any coloring or flavoring added. Semi-candied cranberries are sweeter than frozen fruits, thanks to very little sugar added, we managed to obtain a 100% natural product which is easy to use in baked pastries without transfer of color or humidity. Chefs will find uses on pastry pre or post bake for incorporation into brioches, clafoutis,… as well as entremets or other cold applications as they give off very little color. Packed in 1kg flexible bag.

Discover our products range Semi-candied fruits

Preparation steps

  1. Kneading

    Mix all poolish ingredients. Spread the whole wheat flour above the mix. Left the dough during 1 hour. Put in a beater the dough with salt, sugar, milk and eggs. Knead at speed 1 during 5 minutes, knead 5 minutes at speed 2 until the dough unstick to the bowl. Gradually add the butter at speed 1 and knead 5 minutes at speed 2. Leave the dough 1 hour until it has doubled in volume. Give one turn and left at fridge overnight.

  2. Shaping process

    Butter the kouglof mould and put almonds on the mould bottom. Split the dough in 4 (330 g per portion). Spread 20cm x 25 cm (width/height). Sprinkle the fillings at two-third on each portion dough. Slightly press on the dough to fit the fillings in. Wrap and shape in corona. Put in the mould and press. Leave the dough about 2h-2h30 at 25°C. Bake in a oven at 170°C during 40-45 minutes.

  3. Orange blossom syrup and almonds

    Mix water, sugar, almond powder and bring to a boil. Add the orange blossom water and the orange blossom extract. Right out of the oven, unmould the kouglof and soak the dough with syrup then drain it.

Processus :

The base temperature : 50°C.
Milling : 1 speed, 5 minutes.
Kneading : 2 speed, 5 minutes.
Dough temperature : 23°C.
Raising process : 1h at room temperature.
Standing process : 12h-15h at fridge (3°C) then 2h-2h30 at 25°C.

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