yule log with semi-candied blackcurrants

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Chef «Coup de Coeur» with semi-candied blackcurrants

A creation of Marc Ducobu


Shortbread dough

570g Flour
70g Almonds powder 100%
100g Eggs
340g Butter
170g Icing sugar
6g Salt

«Grand ma’s» paste

650g Butter
600g Eggs
865g Sugar
290g Almonds powder 100%
115g Whole milk
115g Unsweetened fresh cream (35% fat)
300g Andros Chef Semi-candied blackcurrants 
450g Chopped chestnuts

Blackcurrant coulis

620g Andros Chef Blackcurrant puree
75g Sugar
40g Blackcurrant liquor
80g Gelatine mass (12 g gelatine powder + 68 g water)
2g Pectine 325 NH

Whipped cream

1700g Fresh cream (40 % fat)

Rum Mount Gay® chestnut cream

1000g Chestnut paste
200g Syrup
60g Rum Mount Gay® 55 % Vol.
100g Unsweetened fresh cream (35 % fat)
180g Butter


250g Neutral glaze
12g Water

Preparation steps

  1. Shortbread dough

    Mix salt with sugar and butter. Add eggs and finally almond powder and flour. Leave aside for 2 hours and spread on a 40 cm x 60 cm sheet and put on a square cake pan. Precook the dough during 12 minutes at 145°C.

  2. «Grand ma’s» paste

    Bring to a boil the butter. Mix the eggs with sugar and add the almond powder. Add the milk and cream. Gradually add butter. Add the semi-candied blackcurrants and the chopped chestnuts. Bake at 160°C during 30 minutes.

  3. Blackcurrant coulis

    Heat the blackcurrant puree with sugar and pectine. Bring to a boil during 5 minutes then add the blackcurrant liquor and the gelatine mass. Pour the coulis on the cooled shortbread biscuit. Put the square cake pan in the freezer.

  4. Whipped cream

    Whip the cream and pour onto the coulis.

  5. Rum Mount Gay® chestnut cream

    Mix all ingredients.

  6. Glaze

    Heat the glaze-water mix at 80°C.

  7. Final touch

    Set the square cake based on the pattern and freeze. Spray the glaze on the frozen cake with a spray gun. Drop few meringues, some fresh blueberries and sprinkle silver flakes.

Processus :

For a square cake pan of 60 cm x 40 cm

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