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Ice-cream sandwich caramel tatin

A creation of Stéphane Augé

After doing his culinary training at Lycée Hôtelier de La Rochelle, in his city of origin, Stéphane Augé decided that he would teach. He spent eighteen years training students in cookery and later patisserie at Lycée Hôtelier de Gascogne, in Talence - Bordeaux, following which he joined Lycée Hôtelier Quercy Périgord, in Souillac, in the autumn of 2016.

Voted Best Ice Cream Craftsman of France in 2007, Augé was approached by the National Confederation of Ice Cream Makers to coach the French team for the 2020 Gelato World Cup.


Caramelized apple sorbet

610 g Water

170 g Liquid cream 35% FAT

70 g Dextrose

5 g Stabilising agent

1000 g Caramelized apple Clean Label filling

Shortbread hazelnut biscuit

150 g Temperate butter

2 g Vanilla

2 g Fine salt

40 g Icing sugar

40 g Caster sugar

90 g Hazelnut powder

50 g Cornstarch

110 g Flour

30 g Egg

2000 g Salted caramel Clean Label filling

200 g Caramelized apple Clean Label filling

Milky coating with caramelized hazelnuts

50 g Water

150 g Sugar

300 g Chopped hazelnut

5 g Butter

700 g Caramel milky coating

100 g Cocoa butter

200 g Hazelnut oil

Caramelized apple clean label filling

Our caramelized apple clean label filling Andros Chef belongs to the new bake stable 100% natural ambient line. Its chunky and thickly texture is tailor-made for pastries and viennoiseries. A natural product without any colouring or flavouring added. The caramelized apple filling has a full-rounded apple flavour, with a hint of acidity, typical of the French Pink Lady variety. Apples are received and transformed in our Andros factory in Lot department. Packed in a 1kg aluminium bag.

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Preparation steps

  1. Caramelized apple sorbet

    Heat water and cream at +45°C. Combine all dry ingredients and add them to the first mix while stirring vigorously, blend to homogenize. Pasteurise at +85°C. Rapidly cool to +4°C. Add the filling, blend again. Check the Brix using a refractometer 37°. Leave to age 1 to 4 hours at least, 12 to 24 hours ideally. Blend before churning.

  2. Shortbread hazelnut biscuit

    Mix all ingredients step by step. Soften the butter with vanilla, salt and sugar. Add starch and sand. Add the egg. Spread between two baking sheets, quickly cool in a blast chiller. Cut out as desired. Spread on a baking mat silpain. Bake 10/12 minutes at 160°C. Spread caramel on a shortbread and another with caramelized apple. Put a disk of caramelized apple sorbet between the two shortbread.

  3. Milky coating with caramelized hazelnuts

    Heat a syrup at 115°C. Add hazelnuts, sand and caramelize. Add the butter at the end of the heating process. Spread on a baking sheet to cool down. Melt the coating with cocoa butter at 45°C, add oil, whip. Add the hazelnuts and coat the sandwich.

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