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Strawberry Experience

A creation of Matthias Giroud

He begins bar at 16 years old and started at the famous Bar Fly Paris. He has been bar manager at Bound, Buddha Bar, Barrio Latino and Barlotti Paris. In 2016, he cofounded WM.Signature, his consulting agency in strategy and operational management in Food & Beverage. Now he has his workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt named l'Alchimiste which offers bar experience and tailored cocktails. 


Fashion Bubble

Strawberry Andros Foam
5ml Yuzu puree 
10ml Agave syrup
30ml Vodka
60ml Champagne

Strawberry Andros Foam

300ml Strawberry puree

150ml Whole milk

50ml Cream

Sweetened strawberry puree

The Andros Chef frozen strawberry puree is a blend of 3 varieties with Senga sengana. Its flavour is intense and gives an excellent balance taste to our blend. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Fashion Bubble

    Add all ingredients in a shaker except champagne and foam. Shake, sieve 2 times and pour in your glass. Add champagne then on top strawberry Andros foam.

  2. Strawberry Andros Foam

    In a siphon add strawberry puree, whole milk and cream. Close the siphon and add a gas canister. Keep aside in the fridge.

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