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Caribbean flower


Charcoal pastry dough

466 g Butter
833 g Flour T55
210 g Eggs
83 g Almond powder
6,6 g Salt
6,6 g Icing sugar
8 g Vegetable coal

Exotic caramel

150 g Mango puree
25 g Banana puree
100 g Pineapple puree  
25 g Passion fruit puree 
1/2 Vanilla pod
43 g Caster sugar
23 g Glucose
5 g Potato starch
4,5 g Pectin NH 325

10 g Caster sugar

Soften banana biscuit

58 g Banana puree 
122 g Almond paste 55%
90 g Eggs
8 g Egg yolks
13 g Flour T55
13 g Black sugar
28 g Butter
25 g Egg whites
5 g Caster sugar

Almond whipped cream black sesame

394 g Liquid cream 1
100 g Milk
80 g Caster sugar
50 g Whole almonds
50 g Black sesame
60 g Gelatin mass
188 g Mascarpone
394 g Liquid cream 2

Vanilla whipped cream

73 g Milk
68 g Sugar
15 g Vanilla pods
48 g Gelatin mass (fish)
150 g Mascarpone
14 g Vanilla extract
630 g Liquid cream 35% fat

Almond crispy

100 g Roasted almonds
150 g Black sesame praline
65 g Almond puree
50 g Gold shines
2 g Fleur de sel

Sweetened mango puree

Andros Chef mango puree is perfect thanks to its 100% Alphonso variety bright colour, strong taste and an amazing thick and creamy texture. Mango puree is very popular with chefs for all their desserts or even in cooking and beverages. It goes particularly well with other exotic fruits such as passion fruit or even with ginger, caramel or white chocolate. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Charcoal pastry dough

    Combine flour with diced butter. Add almond powder, salt and icing sugar. Incorporate eggs without giving too much strength to the dough. Homogenize the dough with vegetable coal and keep in the fridge for 2 hours. Spread at 1,5 mm thickness and cut out tart rings of 7 cm diameter and stripes of 23,5 cm length. Bake with the roasted almond powder at 160°C for 12 minutes. Gild the paste with egg yolks.

  2. Exotic caramel

    Heat all purees with scraped vanilla. Brown the sugar with glucose and add the warmed fruit purees. Add the sugar/pectin/starch mix. Blend before use.

  3. Soften banana biscuit

    With an electric mixer, whip the banana puree with almond paste, eggs, yolks, black sugar. Whip up the egg whites and add sugar and mix to reach stiff peaks. Mix together the batter and the beaten egg whites and add the melted butter. Spread on a 1/2 flexipan and bake at 180°C for 15 to 20 minutes and shape in a half sphere form of 4 cm diameter.

  4. Almond whipped cream black sesame

    Roast the almonds with black sesame for 20 minutes at 160°C. Bring to a boil the cream 1, milk, sugar and infuse in the mixture the almonds with sesame for 20 minutes. Sieve and bring to a boil again. Add the gelatin mass and pour on the mascarpone. Blend while adding the cream 2. Whip before use.

  5. Vanilla whipped cream

    Bring to a boil milk with sugar. Add the scrapped vanilla then infuse in the milk for 20 minutes. Sieve and bring to a boil again. Add gelatin mass and pour on the mascarpone. Blend while adding the cold cream and vanilla extract.

  6. Almond crispy

    Gently mix all ingredients together.

  7. Assembly

    On the cooked pastry dough, spread 13 g of almond crispy. Place a banana biscuit disk. Smooth tartlet with the almond whipped cream. Using an apple corer, dig in the remaining half banana biscuit and fill with exotic caramel, freeze. Using a toothpick, pipe the almond whipped cream from the top to down on the half sphere biscuit. Pipe the vanilla whipped cream in a savarin mould and freeze. Place the assembly on the tartlet.

Processus :

Charcoal pastry dough
7,5cm diameter ring 20 g
Almond crispy 13 g
Soften banana biscuit 8 g / 14 g
Exotic caramel 12 g / 7 g
Whipped cream black sesame 13 g / 20 g
Vanilla whipped cream 18 g

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