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Chocolate exotic yule log passion fruit

A creation of Anne Fashauer

Anne is Pastry chef and professional flavors matchmaker. She knows exactly how to sublimate each recipes using Andros Chef ingredients. Graduated with Marketing degree and Pastry formation, she proposes training course and collaboration with professionals.


Praline crispy

85 g Hazelnut praline 60/40
85 g Piedmont hazelnut praline paste
45 g Milk chocolate
85 g Crumbled crêpes dentelles
15 g Extra-fine butter
15 g Chopped roasted hazelnuts

Moist chocolate biscuit

125 g Whole eggs
35 g Honey
60 g Caster sugar
35 g Almond powder
60 g Hard wheat white flour
10 g Unsweetened and non-fat cocoa powder
4 g Yeast
60 g Liquid cream 35% fat
40 g Butter
50 g 65% cocoa chocolate

Creamy exotic cream

80 g Mango puree
40 g Passionfruit puree 
100 g Sugar
100 g Butter
120 g Whole eggs
120 g Egg yolks
1 Gelatine sheet

Milk chocolate mousse

65 g Full-fat milk
200 g 40% cocoa chocolate
250 g Liquid cream (35% fat)

Creamy milk chocolate cream

50 g Milk
100 g Liquid cream
90 g Milk chocolate
1 g Gelatine

Exotic confit

150 g Mango puree
100 g Passionfruit puree 
35 g Caster sugar
7,5 g Pectin NH

Purée fruits de passion surgelés bac 1 kg

Sweetened passion fruit puree

Andros Chef frozen passion fruit puree is a perfect blend of purple and yellow passion fruits. A strategic blend which offers a perfect balance between taste and acidity for a higher complexity of flavors. Purple passion fruits are received fresh at full maturity in Andros plant in south Vietnam. The puree is perfect to give a fine acidic and exotic touch in a dessert, mousse, ice cream, beverages or even savory dishes. Packed in a 1kg tub.

Discover our products range Sweetened puree 90%

Preparation steps

  1. Praline crispy

    Cook the butter with milk chocolate at 45°C in a bain-marie until it’s completely melted. Mix hazelnut praline, hazelnut paste and the mix butter/chocolate. Add the crumbled crêpes dentelles and chopped roasted hazelnuts. Spread a regular layer on a square frame, allow to set in the refrigerator then cut out a 9x25 cm stripe.

  2. Moist chocolate biscuit

    Mix eggs, honey and sugar together. Gradually add almond powder, flour, cocoa powder and yeast. Add liquid cream. Add the melted chocolate/butter. Fill in a square mould and bake at 160°C for 20 minutes. Cut out a 5x23 cm stripe.

  3. Creamy exotic cream

    Mix purees, sugar, eggs and yolks together. Cook while stirring. Add the diced butter then soaked gelatine. Pour in a mould and place the chocolate biscuit stripe on top. Freeze.

  4. Milk chocolate mousse

    Melt the chocolate and whip with warm milk. Whip the cream until it begins to thicken up. Add the whipped cream in the chocolate/milk mix when it has reached 45/55°C.

  5. Creamy milk chocolate cream

    Warm milk and add the soaked gelatine. Melt milk chocolate and fold in the milk/gelatine by thirds, emulsify. Add the cooled liquid cream, mix and allow crystallise in the refrigerator for few hours. Pipe on the silicone mat (in this recipe using a striped one) mind to fill only one in two of the stripes.

  6. Exotic confit

    Warm the purees to 40°C. Intimately mix sugar with pectin NH. Pour the mix in rain over the fruit purees. Bring to a boil, pour on empty stripes and freeze.

  7. Assembly

    Place the silicone mat filled with creamy chocolate and exotic confit stripes in the bottom of a yule log mould. Fill with a layer of chocolate mousse, add the creamy exotic/chocolate biscuit insert and cover with an other layer of chocolate mousse, smooth the top. Freeze then unmould with careful precaution by removing the silicone mat to avoid damaging the stripes. Glaze the buche with a neutral glaze and place over a stripe of crispy praline.

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