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Introducing new fruit flavors: try them now for your creations

A tribute to freshness with a hint of exoticism, discover the new fruit flavors soon to be added to our ingredient range.

High fruit compotes new flavors

In this distinctive product range we offer textured fruit purees, 100% natural, with fruit chunks or fiber or pulp.

Four new flavors are now available: acai blueberry banana, cranberry, redcurrant and lemon yuzu.

Andros Chef’s cranberry compote offers a tart yet well-balanced taste, complemented by the addition of strawberries. Its vibrant red color adds a festive touch to winter-themed verrines, providing a fruity burst enhanced by whole cranberries.

Compotée canneberge
Cranberry compote

Açaí-citing adventures: berry bold with flavor!

Açaí is considered a superfood due to its richness in nutrients. It is an important source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Açaí is perfect for crafting desserts that match to the demand for nutritious flavorful treats. It has quickly become the star ingredient in health-conscious bowls and smoothies.

Confit of citrus zests adding zests with ease

To add the tangy flavor to your creation with a 100% natural ingredient, discover our range of confit of citrus zests: an exclusivity with fragments of candied citrus zest in concentrated fruit puree offering intense and concentrated flavors – between bitter and sweet characteristic of citrus peel.

Two flavors added to the range: lemon and lime.

Our inspirations

Fruits inspire the greatest creatives! Discover these recipes from professionals and awaken your taste buds!

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