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Fruit sourcing

Citrus farming in Spain: an entire world to discover!

In Spain, the quality approach is built upon terroirs, farming practices and research so as to grow the best citrus varieties.

Terroirs ideal for the growing of citrus fruits.

First step, the set-up of a processing and preparation plant in Spain so as to work on the fresh citrus fruits at their full ripeness.

The terroirs of Andalusia and Valencia, shaped by the maritime influences and cool nights, provide a thermal amplitude that enables the citrus fruits to express the full complexity of their aromas and colours.

Agroecology supporting trees

Alongside, we work with the arboriculturists to implement agro-ecological practices, such as cover crops.

The development of plant and animal biodiversity encourages water retention and the organic and carbon enrichment of the soil. We create in this way a natural ecosystem that are advantageous to the trees and thus to the fruits.

Next, we work with the farmers to harvest the citrus fruits when they are at their full ripeness and that they provide the maximum of juiciness, colour and flavours.

For each variety, sour orange, sweet, bloody, lemon, lime, pomelo or grapefruit, there are several maturity stages throughout the same tree. We perform a number of rounds, so as to harvest the ripest fruit.

Looking for citrus fruits with unique aromas

Lastly, we undergo a research work, in partnership with the Valence varietal Conservatory, to produce citrus fruits with distinctive aromas and towards a unique typicity, produced from other parts of the world, such as the yuzu lemon from Japan, the Calamansi from Vietnam, or else the finger lime.

Through our Fruit Sourcing department’s work of observation and analysis, we produce  fruits ingredients unique, with natural aromas and rich in flavour.

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