Andros Chef recipes: Matthias Giroud’s citrus collection

Create cocktails with Andros Chef citrus purées and candied citrus peel. Just like Matthias Giroud!

See pictures of drinks by the famous mixologist, concocted with Andros Chef fruit ingredients.

Matthias Giroud, “The Alchemist”

This master of mixology tickles our taste buds with his creations for Andros Chef. Nicknamed “The Alchemist”, Matthias Giroud combines citrus fruits in a unique way to create exclusive cocktails for Andros Chef. His inspiration? His many trips around the world.

Born on the beaches of the French West Indies, he never stops developing new flavours and new techniques while working with his different teams around the world. His exclusive recipes are made in his workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt. 

Exclusive cocktails

Bulle Florale

This cocktail is a veritable celebration of citrus fruit and champagne, with a hint of flowers. The recipe includes a touch of orange, quinquina, verjuice and elderberry liqueur. Then, top it all off with a good dose of your favourite champagne.

Ginger zest

A generous dose of ginger is combined with our Andros Chef passion fruit purée. Orange and lime then add an acidic edge to the cocktail. To finish, add ginger ale and sparkling water to give it lightness. The cocktail is best served in a copper cup.

Jardin d’agrumes

The sweetness of apple juice infused with Earl Grey tea combined with the acidity of bergamot purée, kumquat foam and yuzu syrup. Our bergamot, kumquat and yuzu purées will be your best allies in making this crazy cocktail.

Winter touch

Start by making your own apple cinnamon cordial. Then add the frozen clementine and grapefruit purées and a splash of cranberry juice. Shake the mixture in a shaker and add sparkling water. The ultimate finishing touch? Smoke your glass with cinnamon.

Triple Sour

Frozen kumquat and lemon purées mixed with agave syrup, whiskey and ice. Add a pinch of Timur pepper before serving chilled, then enjoy with moderation (and delight).

Andros tonic cocktail

Infuse the frozen clementine purée with juniper berries and a dash of our frozen lime purée. Add your favourite gin, a little tonic water, and your cocktail is ready!

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