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Saint Honoré blackcurrant & raspberry


Puff pastry

The butter block

750g Dry butter

300g Flour T55

The detrempe dough
404g Flour T45

270g Flour T55

269g Water

228g Dry butter

6,5g White vinegar

19g Fine salt

Sugar dough

180g Butter

280g Flour T55

45g Eggs

52g Icing sugar

52g Almond

½g Fine salt

57g Caster sugar

Craquelin choux pastry

370g Flour T55

300g Butter

370g Brown sugar

Choux pastry

312g Whole milk
125g Butter
14g Orange blossom water
6g Salt
6g Caster sugar
190g Flour T 55
324g Eggs

Vanilla whipped cream

73g Milk
68g Caster sugar
15g Vanilla pod
48g Gelatine (from fish)
150g Mascarpone
14g Vanilla extract
630g Liquid cream (35% fat)


1000g Caster sugar
400g Water
200g Glucose
80g Nougat
80g Isomalt

Blackcurrant and raspberry confit

280g Raspberry puree
110g Blackcurrant puree
74.6g Sugar
20.7g Crystal dextrose
4.1g Pectin
2.5g Agar-Agar
8.3g Lemon juice

Sweetened blackcurrant puree

The Andros Chef frozen blackcurrant puree is a blend of three varieties from France including "Noir de Bourgogne". It offers an intense blackcurrant flavor with a well-balanced astringency and a perfect long tasting taste. Part of the varieties are directly sourced from Andros contracted growers. Packed in a 1kg tub.

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Preparation steps

  1. Puff pastry

    Once the butter block and dough detrempe are cold, spread the butter block in a rectangular shape, halve it in two squares and put between layers the dough detrempe square. Give 5 folds by giving relax to the dough at least 2 hours in betweens. Butter block: Blend the soften butter and flour. It must not be completely smooth. Spread the dough in a rectangular shape by twice in size of the detrempe dough. Leave to cool at 4°C. Detrempe dough: Mix water, salt and vinegar. Melt the butter. Knead with a dough hook the two flours then add water, salt, vinegar and finish with the melted butter. Make a square shape with the dough and keep at the refrigerator overnight.

  2. Sugar dough

    Sand the diced butter with flour. Add almond powder, salt and icing sugar. Add eggs and gently miw. Homogenize the dough. Keep at the refrigerator for 2 hours.

  3. Craquelin choux pastry

    With a flat beater, mix the ingredients until a dough is obtained. Spread at 2mm thickness between two parchment papers. Put it in a freezer.

  4. Choux pastry

    Bring to a boil milk, butter, salt, orange blossom water and sugar. Off the heat, add the sifter flour, stir over high heat. Transfer in a mixer bowl, with a flat beater, gradually add the eggs.

  5. Vanilla whipped cream

    Bring to a boil milk and sugar. Add the scratched vanilla then infuse in milk during 20 minutes. Filter through a chinois, bring to a boil. Add the gelatine then pour onto mascarpone. Add the cold cream and vanilla extract stirring continuously.

  6. Caramel

    Cook all ingredients doing a blond caramel then pour in an other saucepan to avoid to become brown.

  7. Blackcurrant and raspberry confit

    Heat the fruit purees at 40°C and add the mix sugars, agar-agar and pectin. Bring to a boil and add the lemon juice, cool to 4°C. Mix and mold in a sphere shape.

  8. Finition

    Make a sugar dough and line in a ring. Pipe the choux pastry on a silicon sheet and put the craquelin onto. Make a confit and shape in half sphere and freeze. Pull the sugar dough off with a little bread knife, fill with vanilla whipped cream and put in the frozen raspberry blackcurrant confit. Add the puff pastry disc to close up the St Honoré. Pipe onto a ball of vanilla whipped cream then put above the filled confit choux with caramel onto.

Processus :

The butter block 1050 g

The detrempe dough 1200g

Ingredients : Poids : Diam : 7,5 cm tart
Puff pastry 5 g 5 cm
Choux pastry 25 g  
Sugar dough 12 g 23,5 cm / 2 cm
Craquelin 5 g 7 cm
Blackcurrant/Raspberry confit* 20 g Flexipan 4 cm
Light vanilla whipped cream 20 g  
Caramel 2 g  

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