6 good reasons to use Andros Chef high fruit compote

Andros Chef high fruit compote is the perfect companion for all your creations. This unique fruit ingredient has been specifically designed for pastry and restaurant professionals. Here are 6 good reasons to use it!

1) A unique recipe that perfectly captures the character of the fruit

Andros Chef compotes are made from fresh fruit delicately blanched, using a unique process we keep secret that preserves the texture and taste of the fruit. Our compotes are distinguished by a dense texture with authentic fruit pieces and pulp, in a 100% natural recipe, to give you a strong tasting, natural baking ingredient with no added colors or preservatives. Use it to replace a fruit puree to obtain added texture to your recipes.

2) What’s done is done

Ready to use, our high fruit compote saves you all the work of preparing fresh fruit. This means less labor is required and you can devote your time to the more time-consuming and complex stages of your creations.

3) Homemade in every season

The compotes are made from fruit harvested at the height of the season, then frozen to perfectly retain the taste of the fruit and the quality of the product. Thus, you benefit from a tasty pastry product all year round which allows you to work with the fruit you want, whatever the season.

4) One ingredient, an infinite number of recipes

Conceived and designed for the creation of verrines, into which they can be directly incorporated, high fruit compotes have also proven their worth in numerous recipes. In an insert, in a dessert or a tart, mixed with cake batter, pastry cream or a mousse, and even in a cocktail, our high fruit compotes will give your ideas a lift. Discover our many inspirations!

5) Times change, but our products do not

Our method of making high fruit compotes guarantees a consistent taste and texture that won’t change. Neither too sweet nor too acidic, this pastry ingredient will always be faithful to your recipe and you will not have to adjust your preparations which can happen with fresh fruits that are not at the same level of ripeness.

6) No waste

Take only the amount you need and store the fruit compote in the freezer until the next time you use it, without the risk of altering the taste and quality of the product. This frozen ingredient can also be stored in the refrigerator for 30 days before opening the container and thanks to the clips provided to close it, for 8 days after opening. Are you a pastry chef, baker or cook? Discover our range and contact us to receive free samples!

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