Fruit sourcing

The art of fresh fruit at Andros – and the heart of our first-transformation labs

Freshly picked fruits arrive in our “first-transformation” labs, located as close as possible to our orchards and planting sites. That’s where flavour preservation happens!

“First transformation”: An obligatory definition

If we go back to the analogy of a professional kitchen, the first transformation corresponds to the steps of the “mise en place”: cleaning, peeling, pitting. In brief, these are all the steps that come before being able to work with and cook a product.

But it’s also what allows us to stabilise fresh fruit on a microbial and thermal level. Once this step is completed, the fruits can be used as desired!

Transforming fruits, a story of speed

Because fruits are delicate ingredients, to be manipulated with care, the steps of first transformation must take place very quickly after picking. Which fruits need attending to first? The rule is the same when you pick fruits in your garden or when you buy them at the market. 

  • For the most delicate fruits without natural thermal protection (without shell or skin), like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries for example, these transformations must be made in the 24 hours following picking. 
  • For apricots, peaches and cherries, which are a bit more resistant, it’s possible to keep them a few days before transforming them. 

But you have to beware of appearances. If the fruits still look intact after a few days, they still will have lost vitamins and water. Oxidation will have already begun and the fruit flavour will be impacted.

Freshness and fruitiness, the keywords of first transformation according to Andros

The Andros Amont Fruitier service ensures that the fruits are treated very quickly in order to conserve the power and freshness of their flavour. To preserve the quality of the fruits, many steps of this transformation are done by hand. Nothing replaces the delicacy and precision of a human touch. 

And to ensure the right sequence of steps, the labs are located as close as possible to the orchards, in the major fruit growing regions of the world. This geographic proximity allows for the treatment of fruit from the moment of picking (or almost!) and to keep a maximum of flavour thanks to minimum transport. 

First-transformation labs all over the world 

Overall, Andros has several transformation labs in France and all other the world. And of course, the labs live the rhythm of the seasons and are dedicated to local fruits. In the case of Spain for example, the fruit season lasts about 6 months, starting with strawberries, then apricots, peaches, plums, apples, pears and citrus. 

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